This is a story about Cheetah & Luce, two persons who are different in every aspect but love. Do you want to read the story about Cheetah & Luce and marvel at that universe, where you're always in danger and possibly close to love. So close, that you can burn yourself. So close, that you become confused. So close, that you don't know what to choose?
If you want this and much more, do read this story, and do not hesitate to leave comments, be they deep criticism, hate comments or slightly more resigned comments. This world is full of wonders, and I am not one of them :p

Just an afterthough;
We follow Luce & Cheetah in the past and the present. As in, before they meet, and after they meet and the happenings after.

Another afterthought:
How do you like the cover?

Another afterthought:
How do you (not) like the ending?

I would really, really like a real review of this story and some constructive criticism.
Thank you.


12. I want... (Cheetah)

The present


I love you.


Only a window seperating us.

Fragile glass.


I want to talk to you.

To hear your voice.


I want to be strong.

I want to bear the world on my shoulders.

I want to dry your tears.

I want to kiss your mouth.

I want to feel your lips, your breath.

I want to hold you in my arms.

I want to be the bear, who hugs you with all his might.

I want to be there for you.

I want to touch your hair.

I want to feel you beside me.

I want you to see my heart.

I want you to tell me, what's wrong.

I want to push the pain out of you.

I want to be a shield in your hands.

I want you to be mine.


I need you to be mine.



But can you?


Do you want to?

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