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We follow Luce & Cheetah in the past and the present. As in, before they meet, and after they meet and the happenings after.

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9. Hatred, Part II

The past


She is outside even before midnight this time. Maybe to dare him. Maybe to show him. He doesn't know. But he knows, that only an hour after midnight, The Scorpions strike. Five young men. Muscled. Well-built. And he is only one young man. He doesn't have time to call his friends.

He doesn't know how they lure her outside. But suddenly she is standing on open street, looking left and right, seeking something, searching for someone. They are behind her, before he can even blink. They surround her. Her eyes grow big. A little light from a lightpost reflects in her eyes. Cheetah can see realization. He can see fear.

"Hello, baby. What're you doin' out 'ere, eh?"

"What a chick. Just look at her ass."

"Wanna keep us company?"

They laugh. The sound vibrates in the air. The fear is obvious in the girl's eyes. Even through her fear, she tries to straighten her back, but the boys' bodies and voices and the darkness are too intimidating. He can see her shoulders sag.

Cheetah realises that Snake hasn't talked. Maybe he isn't even here. But he doesn't brood on that thought. He can't. He is ready to jump any second.

"If you scream, it'll get worse for you, sugardust."

"Why aren't you answerin', baby?"


They laugh again. She looks like she might answer, but her voice would be shaking.

"What - what do you want?"

They laugh a little more, their voices booming in the dark, as if they aren't afraid of anything. But Cheetah knows, that they can't stay here. Someone might notice something out of the ordinary, on a posh street like this.

"A little fun, is all, little mermaid."

She flinches when someone touches a strand of her hair. The person moves forward when he sees that flinch, and let his fingers brush her cheek. Cheetah is overcome with jealousy. He can't sit still, but he must wait for the right moment. The only advantage he has, is surprise.

The boys laugh again when the girl moves back and bumps into the person behind her, who grabs her shoulders. She looks frightened, like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

"What's your name, baby, if you have one of course?"

She presses her lips together. They only laugh, and to her and Cheetah's surprise, one of the boys move forward and presses his mouth to her, until she is squirming. Cheetah is furious. He is shaking with violent rage and hatred. He wants to kill every one of them. Every single one of them.

"If you don't tell us your name, we'll do it again, sweetheart. Make sure it's the right one, or somethin' worse'll happen."

When the boy moves away, the girl looks like she wants to spit at him. Anger, humiliation and fear is shining in her eyes, as sure as Cheetah is angry.


It's a tiny name, but it makes the boys snicker and move forward, until there is only a few feets space around her.

"What a name."

"It could make my mum faint."

"Lucy. It just drips with sugar."

They laugh a little more. Then they get serious.

"We're movin' away, honey."

"No sound from you."

They look around suspiciously, then focus on her again. Before they can do anything else, Cheetah jumps out on them, sweeping the legs away from under the two closest to him. Surprise is painted on every face. Lucy looks at him, seeing too much to comprehend and understand. He doesn't wait for her approval, just moves swiftly and quickly, throwing punches and jaw-breakers everywhere, hurling himself on every standing person, always putting himself between Lucy and them.

He doesn't give them time to recover from his punches. But he doesn't notice that two of them are waiting in the shadows. He is just beating whoever comes up before him. Then something smashes against his back, and he is hurled forward. Someone is screaming, and someone is laughing.

It takes time for him to recover. He can't breath. When he tries to stand up again, someone throws a punch at him. He falls to the ground again. Panic gribs him and he tries to find Lucy, but he can't see.

Then somebody is hollering something. He tries to stand up again. Nobody stops him and he finds his legs again. He is swaying from side to side. He is searching every corner for the five boys, but he can only see blurry figures moving away from him. He tries to run after them, but he falls down on his knees, the pain throbbing everywhere on his body.

He can't remember being hurt, but he can feel his lips swelling and blood on his face is running down on his hands and into his mouth. Sirens pull him out of his misery and he looks around, panicked. The police is no friend of any gang member, however sweet or kind a gang member's mind is. He tries to stand up and small hands from behind try to help him up. He tries to run away, but the hands are firm on his shoulders.

"It's ok. The police is coming. It's -"

"No. The police. I have to go."

"It's ok. They're gone."

"No." His panic gives him strength to move away from her grip, though he does it with reluctance.

"You don't understand, it's -"

"No. I must go." He takes a wobbling step and realises that he can't move away in time. He looks around him and crawls down on his feet to reach the bushes, even though they would be the first place the police would search.

"It's only the -" she stops in midsentence, as if she suddenly realises why he is trying to prevent meeting the police. She looks at him in silence, without saying anything. Then she tries again, "But you're hurt."

"It's ok. My friends ... they will -"

"No." She shakes her head.

The police can be here any second now.

She looks around.

"You can hide in the bushes beside our house. Then I can find you when the police has gone."

He doesn't find the idea waterproof. But the bushes by her house would be better than the bushes by her neighbours' house. But he can't stop himself from asking one last question,

"Who called the police?"

Lucy shrugs, and he doesn't wait for her to elaborate. He runs on wobbly feet inside her garden and crashes down on the dirt, just when the police makes the corner.

Lucy is acting the frightened girl, now that she knows that she has to prevent Cheetah from being found. He can sense that there is some truth in it, but some of her movements are exaggerated, he thinks.

A police car stops outside her house. A window rolls down and an officer's face makes its appearance. Lucy doesn't walk closer. She looks nervously at the police car, as if it will become a monster if she blinks. Cheetah is amazed that neither of her parents has woken up and that the neighbourhood is still as a dark night.

"Hello, girl. We got a call from this neighbourhood about some trouble."

Lucy nods, without talking. The officer looks impatient.

"What happened?" He opens the car door without slamming it shut. Cheetah can see the officer's comrade sitting inside, talking on a radio.

Lucy looks around and just prevents herself from looking directly at the place, where Cheetah is hiding. She takes a deep breath, bites her lip and says, "Five men were going to attack me."

Her words ring nervously around, not settling in any place. Cheetah knows the police will only write down the appearances of the guys, search a little here and there and declare the case closed.

She tells him what happened, making it seem like a piercing scream from her made them run away. As if, Cheetah thinks.

He can see that the police has difficulty in believing her story. No marks on her proves anything. The officer asks her where her parents are, and what she was doing outside. He writes down the appearances and tells her, that they'll do their best to catch them. Then he strolls back to his car, but before he can sit inside, somebody calls from behind.

It's an old man with a cane. Lucy looks at him in disbelief, and he is sure that she suspects him of calling the police.

"She is lying."

The officer frowns and looks at the man with doubt in his eyes.

"What is she lying about, sir?"

"I'll tell you what happened, officer. She was surrounded by five young men and just when it looks like they will attack her, something jumps on them and throws punches everywhere. I assure you, I have never seen a man throw punches like that young man. It was at that time I called you, officer, to notify you. When I got back, the men were gone, you see, and something weird happened."

The old man moves closer, like he is going to share a secret. The officer looks at Lucy with a questioning glance, which she doesn't answer. The old man looks like he has found a treasure.

"It looks like the girl is talking with the young man. The young man looks like he wants to walk away from the scene. And I know, officer, that nobody sane and with a good heart and mind would run from the police. But this young man is just doing what a guilty man does. And I, officer, came to the conclusion, that what I had seen was a fight between those insane gangs. A thing that sadly happens everyday."

Cheetah's heart stops. He can see that Lucy looks shocked too. The officer now is looking suspiciously at Lucy, as if she is hiding something from him. Before he can even ask, the old man says, "And I just happened to see, where that young man hid, officer."

Cheetah wants to beat him dead. How can an old man see, where he is hiding. The officer now is looking dubiously at the old man.

"Are you sure, that you saw - "


It's Lucy's voice, full to the brim with confidence. The old man and the officer both look at her.

"I am sure, that whatever story is being told now, is not as important as you finding the five - " she looks at the old man with knifes in her eyes " - gang members, who where going to attack me."

The officer looks split between wanting to find a gang member, or wanting to find five gang members of dubious behaviours. He nods absentmindedly to himself and says, "I'll notify the officers and give them the descriptions of these people, and while that is happening, we'll search the area for any potent gang member."

Lucy opens her mouth to speak. Then she closes her mouth again. Whatever she says now can be dangerous. She looks at the old man with anger and shakes the officer's hand with reluctance.

"Do I have to stay outside to watch you roam the street, officer?" Her voice holds no answer as to what she prefers. The officer shakes his head, but then says, "I would like to hear, what that young man looked like."

Lucy looks at him, "Which young man?"

"The one, the old man was talking about."

Lucy's eyes are slits in her face, "I don't know any such man, officer. If you want, go ask my neighbour. But I am sure, you'll never find him, since he isn't real."

"We'll see about that. But if he is found, young lady, you'll be put in a very bad light."

Lucy's face is a mask of confidence, "I am telling the truth, officer. I am not afraid."

She walks away from him with confidence, and she sits down on the swing, looking like she has no concern whatsoever. The officer moves toward her, and she stands up.

"Isn't it a must to have clearance before you can enter people's homes?"

The officer looks unsure, before he says, "We're not going to enter. We're only searching with flashlights, young lady."

Unsure, she settles down on the swing and waits.

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