This is a story about Cheetah & Luce, two persons who are different in every aspect but love. Do you want to read the story about Cheetah & Luce and marvel at that universe, where you're always in danger and possibly close to love. So close, that you can burn yourself. So close, that you become confused. So close, that you don't know what to choose?
If you want this and much more, do read this story, and do not hesitate to leave comments, be they deep criticism, hate comments or slightly more resigned comments. This world is full of wonders, and I am not one of them :p

Just an afterthough;
We follow Luce & Cheetah in the past and the present. As in, before they meet, and after they meet and the happenings after.

Another afterthought:
How do you like the cover?

Another afterthought:
How do you (not) like the ending?

I would really, really like a real review of this story and some constructive criticism.
Thank you.


21. A day of No Particular Weather



It's a sunny day for some people.

But it's a gray day for ...           Luce...                        &                          Cheetah...

... Walking on this street

Seeing nothing



Both so tired and restless

Both missing something

Both with something lost

On this day

Of no particular colour

They are walking on the same street

Unknowing of the other's presence

Both are walking in a shadow of depression

Both having the same train of thoughts

Both trailing behind their memories

Failing to pinpoint a mouth

An eye

A nose

God only knows

What they are thinking

Knowing the destiny of both

People will only wonder and hope

If these two destined soul

Will ever meet again

On this particular day

The Sun is shining down

On a street called Lecmon St.

Just there

A boy is walking

His head bowed down

Just here

A girl is walking

Her eyes shining and brilliant

Her smile long forgotten

The distance between them growing smaller

Their thoughts twining with each other

Their memories finding the other

That eye

Those lips

That smile

And they both look up

At the same time


Exploding in their eyes

Their minds still

Their heart racing

To understand

To hope

That this is not a mirage

Nor a memory


A wish

And they both stop midway

As if they are looking into a mirror

And maybe they are

The mirror of the other's soul

And they stop

Just like that

And look at each other

And watch

And wait

And watch

And wait

For that mirage

To disappear

So they can continue in peace

Their minds shattered

And their hearts broken


Like so many other times


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