Diary of a Daydreamer

Psychological Thriller, Take a journey throught the eyes of an addict who quickly delves deeper into the interwoven realms of reality and fiction. Dark Humour.

Some editing still required.


23. Diary of a Daydreamer

This is the ending to my dream that I woke up each morning yearning could have happened each day. Destiny was always written, and all the pieces were set in motion that led to the heart shattering instant that changed my soul forever. For a long time in my life, I was forced to wander this earth in solitude, in this chaotic world that got darker as a beautiful spirit was lost. Whether this was fate, chaos or the two combined in a mysterious entanglement, it led to that moment. The single bullet did not pierce into my deserved head that day, but killed my love. I did not have the power to save her. Trixie died as I held her tight in my arms and deep in my heart. She was taken away from me but she will never be forgotten. I will cherish each waking moment that I was lucky enough to spend with her. In a way, that bullet did pass through me and it ripped a hole in my heart, but this hole did not contain destruction, in bred creation. Trixie allowed me to let go of all my pain and sorrow, and for that she will never be forgotten. I do not know what journey lies ahead, but I am looking forward to leading the life she would have wanted for me, and with that, I will find the life that I want for me. My beautiful angel received her wings and now soars above this dark world in the light of happiness.

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