The Otherworld

A girl travels throught time, but would she make it back or not?
Find out....


1. Where are they?

There was something lurking through the black atmosphere. It was white, translucent. It moves whenever it needed to, it may disappear or stay calm. It moved swiftly and gently like a ghost, the moves were soft and reluctant. It covered the sky, but it did not move. It was fog. The stars where nowhere to be seen,   the moon had completely vanished like it never existed. The reflection of the sky fell upon an extended river. It was beautiful. The water moves silently without a peep and never disturbs the neighbourhood.  You could sit all day and stare at the river flowing. Among the river stood a lonely tree. It danced to the beat of the wind. The leaves pilled on the floor and the branches looking for warmth and protection. The branches held on the trees for support. The fog slowly vanishes, the trees hold still. The sun and the clouds now visit the world. Dawn has come.

My eyes opened rapidly to the sound that I hear every morning. The buzzing would never stop. It infuriated me. I threw my duvet on the floor. I head towards the kitchen hoping there would be pancakes on the table as always. I loved pancakes and I always had to have some before going to school or else my mum would have to face serious consequences. I entered the kitchen. My jaw dropped wide open. I found myself staring at an empty table without my pancakes. It irritated me so much; I slammed the kitchen door and marched up the stairs. I kicked my mum’s door open and she was not there. There was something going on here and I could tell, so I went to question my sister and this time I stopped at her room door and put my hand on the knob. I whispered a prayer before opening the door. I stood there. I was left speechless. I searched the whole house for them and once I had finished searching I went running in full speed to my room, in a matter of seconds I changed. I walked over to the river that was always calming. There I sat on the lush green grass. My head down on my knee thinking off all the places they could off went to.

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