The White Rose

Its my 1st story. I hope you like it :-)


1. Prologue

The beast ran with all its might and the beauty rested upon its back. ''She's as light as a feather'' he thought and continued his journey through the perilous night. The smell of the damp earth filled his nostrils and little pieces of mud stuck to his hooves. ''I must hurry" he thought.

Meanwhile the maiden on his back slept soundlessly through the darkness, unaware of the dangers she was in. Her foot long hair swept from side to side with the swift motion of the beast.He  kept looking back time and again to make sure that the girl was alright. He knew he could not keep running forever.

The strength of his youth days had long left his body. Once known as the legendary Qruon, he was like non before him. He marvelled upon the emperor's crest on his chest and was lost in sweet nostalgia. He could still visualise the day he was branded as the emperor's horse just like it was yesterday. He was chosen by the emperor himself from a lot of thousand horses of his kind. Glory and honour were going to be his skin and veins. The rush of adrenaline, those days of figthing for justice, those nights starry on the banks of river Loom....all those days were gone. His body was nothing like before. Blinded in one eye and left with a wooden leg, the scars on his grey body were the only reminders of his bygone glory. What was left now was a ghost of his former self. A shadow of the great war horse, Qruon.

 "What I'm I doing now? I was supposed to die in peace." he thought.

The words of Alma, his good old wife, kept echoing through his mind" This girl will bring nothing but trouble. I'm warning you."  But he chose to ignore them. And why wouldn't he. What did the old bat know about the delicate balance of this realm. The girl was the vessel. The last hope to save his world. The great emperor had trusted him with this last job. " Deliver my princess to the portal and your services to the realm shall be fulfilled." he said. How can he die before accomplishing his last duty.

And so he ran with his wooden leg and his pumping heart. He ran till every drop of his blood would power his shaky legs. He ran till he left the winding roads of the jungle behind. He ran till the arrows,zooming through the night, pierced his mighty heart. He ran till the gentle soul left the bondage of his fragile body. And so fell Qruon, the once legendary war horse.

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