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This is just the steps I use here, and maybe a few inspiration notes. If you're interested, read it, but if you're not, please don't read it then insult me. :( Anyway, this will refer to other people's movellas, so if you choose to follow these steps with me, you might want to find them. That's all!


90. 7th August 2014 Extended

It's now 9:19, as I write this sentence. I thought another entry was in order. I finished everything I needed to - except the exercise, because my knees were playing up and I've been advised not to stretch to that type of exercise when they're like that. I've realised that I can't keep up with every website I'm on. I can't have everything. But I can have small doses of it, can't I?

I've just finished painting. I don't know whether I mentioned that the painting isn't random, it's for a GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)

For all you who aren't familiar with the British educational system, at ages 14-16 (across two years), high school students take courses that end with exams and these take up the last two years of high school. Previously, you only had to stay in education until 15 (GCSEs didn't happen/work the same/at all then). But then the age was brought up to sixteen. That was supports the current system. It's recently been stepped up to 17 for some, and 18 for everyone else after that. The remaining two years after 16 aren't spent in a high school. They're spent in a college or sixth form (basically an add-on to a secondary/high school that has the two years). They often teach different things in different ways, with college being longer (e.g. 3 years, not 2, perhaps with shorter days) and more vocational, and sixth form being only 2 years but mostly academic. Then we have University, which is entirely optional and can often be entered into at almost any age (though it's advised you do it youngish to prove the GCSEs and A Levels [sixth form/college qualifications] you have are still valid knowledge in your brain).

Anyway, my school were being adventurous and inserted an extra GCSE. They put it in Year 9 (ages 13-14), which compressed the 2 lessons you have per week in Year 10 and the 3 you have in Year 11 into 5 a week. My year was the first year, and it worked well. This year, the Art teacher found that many people who wanted to take Art couldn't; academic priorities etc... So she set up an 'Extra Art' class outside of school hours. It lasts one and a half hours and is on Wednesdays, which means we have half an hour less than the normal Art group (per week). But we had to want it, to want to put the work in, to get there in the first place. So I don't think that'll be a problem. We also have a year less than the other group, as we'll be sitting it at the end of Year 10 so it doesn't clash with our boatload of other exams.

On the plus side, I can now claim to be like one of those sims in 'The Sims 3' whose lifetime wish is to master the writing and painting skills. XD With that, I'll leave you now. There's one last thing I want to fit in before midnight.

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