My Writing Diary

This is just the steps I use here, and maybe a few inspiration notes. If you're interested, read it, but if you're not, please don't read it then insult me. :( Anyway, this will refer to other people's movellas, so if you choose to follow these steps with me, you might want to find them. That's all!


17. 6th May 2012

Nothing much going on today, having a lot of fun on my new forum, the son of my mum's friend has gone down a hill on a BMX, which has no brakes, and crashed into a car bumper. Fortunately, he's not badly injured. I'm still pretty happy about the news that I can try and publish a book. Mum says that if I can't find the address of the one my friend told me about, I can try a minor one that deals for adults too.

That's about it.


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