My Writing Diary

This is just the steps I use here, and maybe a few inspiration notes. If you're interested, read it, but if you're not, please don't read it then insult me. :( Anyway, this will refer to other people's movellas, so if you choose to follow these steps with me, you might want to find them. That's all!


99. 3rd September 2014

I took a day out from my writing (and a new proof-reading case I've been given by an RL friend). It's stupid but it's my first day back to work and I need it.

I haven't exercised, proof-read or written (much) today. Just roleplaying...

This will be a short one, but I'm having one of those days (or, rather, weeks) where I'm trying to wash out one feeling and recall an old one. The feeling I'm trying to wash out is somewhat bad. Dark. Dirty. Filthy (not in that way). And I'm trying to recall one that hasn't been old for long - it's warm, loving, not innocent but platonic, it's about treasuring something. The two feelings provide a different perspective on one thing. And I want the latter back.

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