My Writing Diary

This is just the steps I use here, and maybe a few inspiration notes. If you're interested, read it, but if you're not, please don't read it then insult me. :( Anyway, this will refer to other people's movellas, so if you choose to follow these steps with me, you might want to find them. That's all!


62. 27th January 2013

Hey, everyone. I believe, next month, I'll have been here a year. :O It seems longer, doesn't it? I've really been neglectiong this place, minus my DSC entries. Truth is, I'm not really sure what to write, and I'm waiting for a reply from the third publisher I tried. I sent it off mid-November. I've been struggling with certain things in life, and I feel like I'm getting somewhere after years of swinging to and fro. Just small things, but at least it's something.

On the plus side, I've found some really inspirational songs to store away for another time (most likely one to do with writing), and I'm listening to one as I write this. It's one that never ceases to inspire me into some strong writing. I have about 40 minutes left on here so I should really get typing, shouldn't I? Also, I'm going to be in one of the newspapers in my local area on Thursday 31st January! Alongside one of my friends, as well, so we've recently gotten closer than we were before. She's a few years older than me, but we just 'click'. Age is just a number.

See you again soon! (Through the screen, obviously.)

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