Blossom Queen

A story about a girl who has always dreamt of becoming a blossom queen, but would her dream be fulfilled or would it be destroyed? Find out...


9. The moment of truth

I got up early next morning. Today was the crowning of the blossom queen. I went to get the mail and found a letter for me (something that usually does not happen), I tore it open and it was a DVD. The title was Popularity. I put it in. Without me knowing tears watered down from my eyes. Why did I walk out? How could I? I blamed him for everything, but he was trying to make a point. He was trying to help me, oh my god, how idiotic could I be.

I only had an hour and a half to get ready for the crowning. I had done my hair in the salon; my wild curls put in a  half up half down hairdo with my make-up foundation, smoky turquoise eye shadow, black and turquoise eyeliner and bronzing pearls to bring out my high cheek bones. I took my mum`s box from my cupboard. I have only opened this box once. I opened it carefully, and took it out. It was my mum`s blossom queen dress a turquoise full length ball gown with a halter neck made from many diamond stones, this dress brought the colours of my eyes and with that my mum wore a turquoise pencil heel shoes studded with diamonds from Swarovski. I wore the dress and shoes. I looked into the mirror and I reliased how much I looked like my mother (except for the hair colour.)

I arrived at the hall. My chauffeur drove me in my dad’s Porsche and told me to call him when I am ready to go.

I entered the hall nervously, as I glanced around I saw that  everyone turn around look at me and some of the boys gave a low whistle, I held my head up high and turned to my left to see my ex boyfriend Asher walk towards me.

“You look hot baby! Do you wanna dance with me?”

I wave him off with my hands and headed towards the drinks area suddenly there was a sharp voice coming from the microphone. I turned around to see Mrs Gladstone, talking.

“Thank you for all coming and for your votes for the blossom queen and I will like to announce the next blossom queen. It has been a close draw. Before I announce the winner, I would just like to say congratulations to those who took part and now the moment we have all been waiting for.”

I felt a shiver pass through my spine. I stood the nervously. Tensing all my muscles I stood there.

“The winner of this year`s blossom queen is… “

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