Blossom Queen

A story about a girl who has always dreamt of becoming a blossom queen, but would her dream be fulfilled or would it be destroyed? Find out...


2. School

I woke at six-thirty at the sound of my alarm, I dragged myself out of my queen size leather bed and into my ensuite bathroom, my room is enormous (I am not exaggerating), I have an ensuite bathroom which is as big as my room, five walk in wardrobes; one for each season and one for my shoes where my clothes are colour co-ordinated. I threw on my Armani jeans with my Prada tank top; my Christian Louboutin platforms with my Chanel purse (my mums') and placed my Ray-ban sunglasses into my purse. I applied some foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara and then wore some accessories; a Alexandra McQueen scarf and a pair of diamond studs which was given to me by my mother before she died. Finally I headed downstairs to the second floor which contains the gym, 100 metre swimming pool, arcade room and a cinema. I entered the cinema room because my dad loves to watch black and white movies in here all day, "Dad, I am going to have breakfast do you want me to tell Melinda to bring your breakfast up here?", he looked over his shoulder and waved me off. I wenr downstairs to the first floor where the kitchen, dining room, living room, dad's office and Melinda's bedroom are. Melinda is our housekeeper and she also looks after me like my mother, she is the second closest person after my mother. "Morning Melinda, I'm skipping breakfast cause I need to do a few errands before school."

"Okay honey; make sure you are back for dinner tonight."                      

I used the lift to go to the ground floor where all our cars are parked; I just got my driver’s licence in the fall break. We have got over fifteen cars all Lamborghinis, Ferrari, Porsche and my favourite the red convertible BMW. I always take a different car to school every month.

I arrived at school and park in my parking space, I headed to my locker to take my books when I saw my best friend making out with my ex, I stood there shocked and my mouth gaped wide open and taking in what was happening. I suddenly bolted for the door trying to push back my tears, but they just wouldn`t respond. I kept repeating to myself that this was not real, I wasn`t seeing this happen, but I knew that it was. I couldn`t deny it.

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