Blossom Queen

A story about a girl who has always dreamt of becoming a blossom queen, but would her dream be fulfilled or would it be destroyed? Find out...


1. Prologue

She was the closest person to me. When she passed away, it was like my heart had been broken and could not be replaced, but I had to live, I had a life ahead of me and that is what my mum would want me to do. I was fifteen and my mum  would never want me to spoil my life. When she went I felt like and orphan. Yes, I did have a dad, but I can`t share everything with him (what do you say to a man who is never sober). In school I was classified a geek; they separated me from the rest of the school at lunch I sat at the table in the far corner of the canteen watching everyone go in and out of the canteen with their friends and boyfriends but no one ever attempted to talk to me. I would try to tell my dad and he would walk away saying he has got no time (because meeting your girlfriend is much more important than talking to your daughter). I could tell my mum anything and she would listen, I used to come home and talk to mum about the most stupidest thing in the world and she wouldn't turn me down but when I need her the most she is not even hear to tell me everything will be alright. My mum was beautiful she was the most popular girl in her high school and she looked stunning with her flawless skin, ocean blue eyes and her long curly blond hair, everyone tells me I look like my mum but I never believe them. My mum was the blossom queen at her high school and I want to become a blossom queen to honour my mother.

I was popular once; I sat at the table at the centre with my two best friends and my star boyfriend who was the quarterback for the school’s football team and every girl dreamed of dating him. I have always had what I wanted no one ever said no to me.

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