Blossom Queen

A story about a girl who has always dreamt of becoming a blossom queen, but would her dream be fulfilled or would it be destroyed? Find out...


6. Lights, Camera, Action

Josh hesitated for a moment, before saying,

“Wait let me video the outside of your house first, you stand in front of it and say this is my house and then say come on in”

“Alright then, here we go Director”

“Okay then, here we go. Action”

“Hey guys this is my house, why don`t you come on in.”

“And cut.”

“Ok, then let`s go in”


We entered the house and went straight to the kitchen. Josh was still amazed on the size of my house. We sat down on the chairs in the kitchen and were taking videos and then Josh suggested if I could show them how to make something to eat, a dessert, but I asked him if I could change my clothes, he followed me into my bedroom,

“Miley, your room is the size of my entire house.” Josh said with his mouth apart, staring at my room in awe.

“This is not it I have got a swimming pool, gym, a cinema room, arcade and a parking lot. How about I do a house tour and then show you my cooking skills.”

“Yeah, sure…can I ask you two questions and don’t get offended by it.”

“Ask away.”

“How many pairs of shoes do you own?”

I hesitated then said “I have a new pair of shoes for every day of the year, to be more specific I do not wear the same shoe again I trash it after i have worn it once, Next…”

“Wow you must have a lot of money… um how many clothes do you own because you wear something different everyday?”

“Okay that is an akward question because you actually notice that I do not wear the same clothes again which is kind of creepy and it is the perks of having a wealthy Dad. I will show you my walk in wardrobes.”


I showed Josh my walk in wardrobes as he videos everything.i changed my clothes and now was wearing my Burberry PJs. I take Josh back down stairs and show him how to make my Miley’s special.

“You get a bowl; add all the flavours of ice cream you like. Then you add all the sweets and chocolates you like. Then you add sauces on top and that could be honey, chocolate or strawberry. And that is one Miley special done.”

We sat on the dining table eating the Miley special. I got up from the chair and walked straight to my mum’s photo which was hanged on a wall. I was just staring at it and thinking how beautiful she was. Why did God have to take her away from me?

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