Blossom Queen

A story about a girl who has always dreamt of becoming a blossom queen, but would her dream be fulfilled or would it be destroyed? Find out...


5. Home Sweet Home

I went to meet Josh at Costa. I changed out of my school clothes and wore a net top from Dior and Black leather pants from Chanel with a pair of Prada snake skin boots and applied some concealer under my eyes because of the crying and put some eyeliner and mascara which smudged with my tears, I took my Gucci purse and checked if I had my cards in there and took my car keys and drove off. I arrived and  sat at the table in the corner where Josh was waiting for me with two mugs of hot chocolate and whipped cream, just what I need. I my  took my seat and Josh eyed me up and down before handing me the mug of steaming hot chocolate.


“No problem” he replied

We discussed about the movie and what he wants to record, I agreed with the idea and then my phone vibrated, dad sent me a text, it read `Where are you, get home now cause I have to go work! ` I always had to be at home when he was going to work. I told Josh I needed to go as my dad was going to go work.

“How about we start the movie today, seeing that your dad is not there to interfere and question what we are doing…”

“Yeah, I think that will be a great.”

“So let`s go and start the movie and maybe we can even finish it.”



I was in my car driving and Josh in his old rusty car with different coloured doors, following me. Could I trust him with this movie? I don`t know, but my heart was telling me to trust him and everything would go fine. I parked my car and was going to unlock the house, when Josh snorted, I turned around to see him studying the house. I went up to him and whispered,

“This is my house, you may enter”

“It is so big! No not big… humongous! And in school you are a geek. That is not right”

“Come on in.”

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