hunger games fan fiction........dont forget to like/favourite/comment guys!!


1. The Swan

Mary waddled through the forest, playing the Game she had been forced to. Skipper, her only companion, was not far behind. He kept following her and she kept leading, feeling secure with him there to protect her from whatever it was that this Game might throw at them. No one had expected Mary to do anything in life, let alone play the Game. But when she was chosen for it, people gave her their sympathies. They knew she wasn’t going to last, they knew she would be dead before the Game began. She hadn’t died though, not yet. She had managed to get through a week in the forest eating fruits from the wild trees, everyone of them a risk. And then she had met Skipper. He was lost in the forest – he had nothing to do with the Game. He had no demands but her time. All he wanted to do was stay with her, follow her.


Mary was hardly twelve when she was chosen for the Game. With no parents to mourn for her or any relative who cared enough to do so, Mary feared she might die alone. She had always been proud of the fact that she needed only herself to be happy. Emotional or physical dependence on anyone but herself was not acceptable and she had trained her mind and body to know this. She was proud of who she was. She wasn’t sure of who she was, but she was proud of the fact that the only person she needed was herself. She felt unsure now.


Skipper had made himself a cabinet in Mary’s heart. She knew he was sweet and she knew it would be a hard thing to leave him…die. She told him to run, run as far as he could if anything were to ever happen to her. To never stay and fight because it would be pointless. Skipper stared into her eyes.


After two weeks of rummaging through the forest for her purpose, Mary found a lake. It was sealed off from where she could have walked around it and there was no bridge. Only a swan, as big as an elephant, swam in it. Mary realized her first task had just been found. She waited for the swan, Skipper silent beside her. When it finally came to her, its large wings folded neatly and almost glimmering in the sunlight, Mary prepared herself. This might be it. ‘So young,’ the Swan said. Mary did not reply, she wasn’t asked to. The Swan looked over at Skipper, he moved closer to Mary. The Swan sang: ‘You may fall deep into it It is not a well, It may grab hold of you and not let go, It is not quicksand, It might prick your soul, It is not immortal. What then I’m I talking about?’ Mary watched the Swam sing, her heart beating fast. ‘Could you repeat it?’ she asked. The Swan sang again, Mary listened carefully. ‘Trouble,’ she said. The Swan opened her wings, swam close to land and motioned for Mary to climb aboard. Mary looked at Skipper, he whimpered. ‘Only you,’ the Swan said. Mary bent down, kissed Skipper on the forehead and told him to stay. She would be back soon she said. Skipper knew she was lying. She might never come back. Mary climbed onto the Swan, who swam to the other end of the lake. Mary watched Skipper for as long as she could until the dog finally disappeared from her eyesight.

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