Peace in a storm

another short story


1. Peace in a Storm

 There was reasonable explanation to it but all Storm knew was  her precious Angel had been taken. He had been stolen away to fulfill a purpose. He had unimaginable strength within him even though he could not believe it. He truly believed he was worthless without purpose. Storm always knew better, she could see the power in his eyes. They had him, he was locked away mostly likely under torture. They were jealous of his power, they wished to harness it and turn the proposed saviour into something impure and evil. It was her duty to fight for him.It wasn't just a duty. It was something that she to do, she had to do it for him. She needed to prove that she was just as capable as him. He had been whispered about in hushed tones all around the world, he had been prophesied as The one to end all the battling between good and evil. He couldn't believe any of this, she needed to bring him back or the whole world would be threatened. Storm wanted to prove to people, mostly herself that she was worthy of knowing someone as potent as him.

She had made a promise a long time.Her mother had taught her that she should never break a promise as it can break hearts. She wasn’t about to begin breaking promises. She swore to Angel that she would always be there for him, she would always protect him. She couldn’t just leave him trapped and isolated. She knew she was small & insignificant against the greater premise of the world, she was one little girl who had no physical strength & real power. She did have a promise to keep though , she has passion and a keen intellect. In her mind that would be enough.

What if one little girl wasn’t enough to conquer the world ? What if she let her beautiful Angel down ? What would life be like if she couldn’t be his savior ? What would happen if she never got to see his face or hear his voice again. She didn’t if she could cope , she wouldn’t want to cope without him. There was so many words left unsaid , he was only young , a ripe sweet sixteen years old. He hadn’t even left school, he was unfinished flower , he hadn’t bloomed properly. The world had not seen his potential , he had not seen the world. Storm had things she wanted to say to him , plans they wanted to finish. They were supposed to travel the world together without magic just to experience the world as humans did. Humans fascinated them, they managed to find hope when the world seemed on the brink of destruction even when they didn't have magic. It was something that seemed a completely novelty to them.Their life was meant to bathed in the sunshine of prospects right now. The clouds rolled in around a fragile minuscule Storm. She hadn’t foreseen any future without him. He wasn’t just her best friend , he was a destiny, a beacon of hope.

She didn’t want to let go off the little bit of peace she had found in him. 

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