short story


1. Memories

At the end of the day , It didn’t matter whether we were together , he was still mine & everyone had known that. There was the underlying rules that built the foundations we based our friendship on. She was my only friend , yes she was prettier than me , yes she was funnier than me but you weren’t in love with her & I yearned for you. It wasn’t even cruel, it was monstrous. The way you knew I was irrevocably in love with you & you had crafted your charm & my life so it was that way made it hurt deeper than any wound a sharp knife could inflict. We had never been intimate in that way but there was affectionate promises & I had held these dear to my vulnerable heart. You were my friend ,I didn’t believe in best friends but we were close. I trusted you & you let him seduce you. You kissed his lips knowing I had done the same, knowing that I got jealous over everyone else who had done it. You touched his chest , his face but yet you didn’t care about him. If you had loved him , it would have been different, if you had even liked him , I wouldn’t have felt like you had broke my bones & tore me in two.

You had heard me gush about him , tell you every little thing that happened. You knew all my secrets , you had seen me cry over him. You had held me & told me everything was going to be alright. The worst thing was you didn’t even had the guts to tell me , you kept it a secret & heard me whisper that I was terrified something had changed within him. I remembered exactly how I found out , one of his friends made a joke towards him. I couldn’t believe he was serious , I utterly refused to believed. The realization hit when neither of you would look me in the eye. I felt my heart sink , my stomach dropped to the floor & i started to cry. I couldn’t hold it in , I couldn’t run away , I couldn’t pretend everything was okay. That was the monstrous thing , you had teared down my protective layers so much that I longer felt the need to veil my emotions. I had done that out of trust and reassurance. You had broken that trust & I could feel every tiny bit of the pain , it felt like shards of glass were embedded in my chest , they were piercing the skin deeply causing it to hurt. Nobody had comforted me , they had just stood there awkwardly as I sunk on to the floor in uncontrollable sobs.

I had been let down so astronomically by the only people I loved and trusted, my only friend and my lover had fucked , just for the sake of pleasure even though both of them knew how much it would break me. Now I had no one & I just felt fragile all the time. I felt like one small gust of wind might blow me apart & I would fly away in the distance like grains of sand. 

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