My poems

Aot of poems i have written over time that mean alot to me. May even descirbe how i am in personality. Also most of them fit songs that inspired me. So read it and hear the songs, and just fall into them...


7. SOS

Song to hear: Emergency by; Paramore (check previous poem ;D)


SOS i think i have lost my mind,

Oh what greatness i have left behind,

For something that made me so blind,

Why wher you so kind?


WHy didn't you toss me away,

Insted you let me stay,

Where i felt safe and home at last,

I should've known we went too fast.


All the time i knew this would come,

You kicked me out and i was alone,

I was ingured but you didn't care,

You just left me there.


I think we have an emergency,

I know we have an emergency,

But i'm not leaving,

Even though i'm bleeding...


I will fight till the end....


Or until SOS picks me up...

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