My poems

Aot of poems i have written over time that mean alot to me. May even descirbe how i am in personality. Also most of them fit songs that inspired me. So read it and hear the songs, and just fall into them...


4. Paradise

Song to hear: Paradise by, Coldplay.


When we are small,

We wher told of a place,

Where all was good,

Nothing ever darkened any thought.


We called it Paradise,

I was a fool,

I followed the storm,

It left me torn.


Tried to look for the sacred place,

Where all was blinded by sacred grace,

But i should have known i did not exist,

When my hits went by my fists.


Now i am dying,

Just laying and lying,

Just thinking of my foolishness,

Just wishing i wher smarter.

Just hopeing for a second chance,

To try and get a glance.


Here i am as my eyes close and reopen.

I find myself starring up at a wierd shiny token,

I realize it is the sun,

and that my life has just begun.


I am in a new place,

The same place with blinding grace,

Tears roll down my eyes,

I am here,

I am in Paradise!

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