My poems

Aot of poems i have written over time that mean alot to me. May even descirbe how i am in personality. Also most of them fit songs that inspired me. So read it and hear the songs, and just fall into them...


6. Only exception

Song to  hear: Only Exception by: Paramore (My fav band btw)


I never felt love,

Is it the same as i've heard of?

But i have felt plenty of pain,

and that was all the same.


I never knew the feeling,

of trust of lust,

I never had the story to tell,

I guess thats the difference of you and i aswell.


Although i promised not to do this,

I cannot help but pull myself threw his,

Golden dark black hair,

I see him everywhere.


Although i have never had the story tell,

It's never to late for a writer so well...


Lets try....

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