My poems

Aot of poems i have written over time that mean alot to me. May even descirbe how i am in personality. Also most of them fit songs that inspired me. So read it and hear the songs, and just fall into them...



Song to hear: No light no light by Florence + the machine


You wanted everything i have.

you got most of it too.

So this poem i write.

I'm writing for you.


You never where a man.

You will never be a man.

Cowering behind you chioces.

Despite your inner voices.


You let me take your falls.

You definetly have no balls.

I am the warrior you will never be.

Maybe some day you will see.


Now i have no more bags to pack.

I'm leaving today and thats a fact.

So good ridens goodbye.

I cincerely hope you die!!!!



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