My poems

Aot of poems i have written over time that mean alot to me. May even descirbe how i am in personality. Also most of them fit songs that inspired me. So read it and hear the songs, and just fall into them...


1. Listen to the rain.

Song to hear: Listen to the rain. By Evanescence.


Every raindrop,

carries the pureness of the clouds above,

Bound to their destiny,

Their lives are only seconds long.


But each teardrop,

In seconds,

Describing their own song,


Listen to the rain,

Their tears lighten your pain,

and in your darkest moments,

They share your emotions,

and take away every feeling of sorrow,


Feel the tears like there is no tomorrow.

Hold them dear like there is no tomorrow.

Hear their songs like there is no tomorrow.


I am dead there is no tomorrow....


(Writtin when i was nine)

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