Apocalypse Through Time

Two strangers, two points of time, two callers, two destines....


1. The Beginning, The End.

Prisoner 231: The man woke up with a throbbing pain in his head, like a thorn being scratched across it. His eyes opened slowly, trying hard to resist the blinding light that was hurting them. He seemed to know for a moment where he was, but then he decided not to make assumptions. For now all he had to do was wait, to wait patiently.

Prisoner 2013: The man panicked, even before he was conscious. Even before he opened his eyes he knew something was wrong. This wasn't normal, this was not what happened to a man with a regular, mundane life. He could feel the fear spreading through himself. wetting himself with sweat. He would die, right now, if he had to spend another moment in this void of ignorance.

Prisoner 231: The man stood up, gathering courage. He looked around, there was nothing: just white. His eyes had adjusted to the light now, they still hurt though. He took a step forward; nothing changed. Everything was the same: the endless space, the white light, the solitary existence. Nothing here made sense. He had faith though.

Prisoner 2013: The man lay down. He had no strength in him to move. His heart was beating so hard he could hear it. This wasn't a world he knew. This was nothing he had known. Things were seemingly endless here. Nothing had a source, nothing had an end. He was paralysed.

Prisoner 231: The man took another step. Then he heard a voice, the likes of which he had never before. It was grant and soft at the same time, commanding and yet soothing. He lent his ears. Someone was finally addressing him.

Prisoner 2013: The man heard a voice so great, he shivered with fear. It pressed against his soul. He put in all the effort he could muster and pushed himself up, off the pseudoground. He stood, knees shaking. The voice was alien and the man feared it. The voice was nothing like he had ever heard before.

Prisoner 231: The man inched forward towards the voice. He could slowly make out an silhouette in the light, a slight mark against the eternal background. It was big, much bigger than he could fathom. He stared at it in wonder. The man listened to the voice that kept erupting from the figure, though they made no effort to enter his understanding.

Prisoner 2013: The voice grew louder and a figure became clear, just the outline. A figure similar to his and yet different. He feared it all the while knowing it was the only source of knowledge in this void, maybe the only source of freedom. He fell on his knees and crawled towards it.

Prisoner 231: The man listened as the white background suddenly filled with colours and other voices. Trumpets and sweet singing voices. They beckoned to him in their alien language. They made him feel things he didn't know existed. Slowly more and more things became visible, making everything all the more unclear.

Prisoner 2013: The man shook as more figures became visible, joining in the great voice with their own shrieks and shrills. They were accompanied with running noises, like motors of some grant machine. A grant equipment, a mass of soldiers and an ending were all heading towards him.

Prisoner 231: The man knew where he was. He was content. He waited for whatever was coming. He waited for his Lord.

Prisoner 2013: The man knew this was it. He gave up. He wanted it all to end fast. He died each moment, repeatedly, as he waited for the Aliens.

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