Words left Unspoken

AU. Peyton knew she was pregnant and let Lucas leave for college without telling him. What happens when he moves back to Tree Hill 16 years later, married to Brooke, with a daughter of their own? Prequel to Heartbreak Echoes


2. Home is where the heart is

Brooke was emotionally exhausted. The drive up from Raleigh was pure hell. Charity had done nothing but bitch and moan the whole way. She was too much like Lucas sometimes. Far too moody for Brooke's tastes.


"Have I mentioned how much this utterly and completely blows?" Charity moaned for about the fiftieth time.

"You know I may have heard that once or twice." Brooke replied with her voice full of sarcasm. She and Charity had a total love hate relationship. In fact about the only thing they ever agreed on was cheerleading. Which was most of Charity's reason for not wanting to move.


"I know you just made captain, I know you're leaving your friends. Trust me, I know. But this will be great. It'll be a new start for all of us." Brooke said, forcing her tone to be more cheerful.

"You mean a new start for me and dad. In case you forgot its not like you're every home." Charity replied icily.


Brooke had long passed the point of wishing that Charity had ridden with Lucas. Brooke had hoped that by having her daughter ride with her she might force some sort of bonding but it appeared her plan was backfiring. So yes, this move was a last ditch attempt at saving her marriage. The therapist had suggested that neutral territory, a change of scene, might be needed. What Brooke really needed was for Lucas to act like he gave a damn if she were here or there. That was the real reason that she jetted around promoting her fashion line and doing fashion shows herself. Sure, it would have been all too easy to send an assistant to supervise her shows. But it was far more exciting to do it herself. Plus no one she worked with acted like she didn't exist. Lucas could go days, especially when he was writing, without uttering a word to her. Charity was never home either so what was the point of sitting around a big empty house virtually all alone?

"That's about to change. In fact I had thought about seeing if Tree Hill High needed some volunteer help with the cheerleading squad." Brooke said evenly. She knew Charity would just love that.


"No freaking way! Absolutely not." Charity replied adamantly, crossing her arms as she stared out the window.

Luckily for both of them Brooke pulled up behind Lucas just then and got out to survey the new home he had purchased for them. Or that she had actually, which was another sore spot in their marriage.


"You ladies have fun?" Lucas asked walking up to put his arm around Charity. Charity rolled her eyes and walked up to the house.

"I guess that's a no?" He asked Brooke who was walking around the car towards him.


"Oh it was a barrel of laughs, let me tell you." Brooke replied sarcastically.

Lucas sighed. She knew he wished more than anything that Brooke and Charity had a better relationship. It was mostly his fault that they didn't. When Brooke complained that she had no mothering instinct he'd just taken over. Charity had come to rely completely on Lucas. That was when Brooke had started taking longer business trips. When she did come home she felt like an outsider. Like she was imposing on their lives. So she stopped coming home at all. It was when Charity had been in a car wreck the year before that things started changing. First was the fact that Lucas didn't even call her. Second was that Charity hadn't needed or wanted her anyway. When she had returned to find Charity in physical therapy she flew into a rage. Lucas had told her then that either they get some counseling or they were through.


"Why is she so difficult Lucas? Can't she see I'm trying? I mean its not like I had any parenting examples to follow." Brooked sighed. Well technically she had been following her parents example.

"I know you're trying. Charity will come around, once she sees that you aren't going to fly the coop again. She's just like her mother, her bark is way worse than her bite." Lucas said with a smile.


"Wait, did you just refer to me as a chicken and a dog in the same sentence?" Brooke asked, pretending to be insulted.

"Aww I'm sorry, I must have caught a glimpse of your scrawny little chicken legs." Lucas laughed. Brooke playfully smacked his arm. She liked when they could play around. It reminded her of the way they used to be. Or maybe it was being back in Tree Hill. Maybe the therapist had been right after all. Maybe they both just needed to come home.

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