The Address of Heaven

Its my perception of Heaven


1. This is my first

The Address Of Heaven


I know the right address of Heaven

much better than fake saintly men


Heaven's in a hot cuppa coffee on a rainy day,

Or a deliciously cool ice cream in sweltering May.


Its in the romantic novel I read in my teens,

its the feeling of knowing what wonderful poetry means.


Heavens in melodious music on a silent night,

Its the combination of cool breeze and sunshine bright.


Heaven resides in the innocent smile of a child,

and in the infant's imagination gone wild.


Its the protection of your father,the care of your mother.

or  in the peaceful solace of your own corner.


Heaven's in a company of friends,with a loud cackle of laughter

and waltzing sans audience,with an imaginary partner.


You lose your heaven in the search of it

because even if you  roam world's each and every bit


If your eyes observe the thorns before the roses

that is the heaven your heart loses.


The Address of Heaven is where your mind is free

you are smiling from inside as your Heart is Happy


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