Drive till you lose the road

Set during the 2nd season. Haley has left for New York, but can she avoid the temptations that come with the rock star's lifestyle? And if she falls, who will be there to help her pick herself back up?


4. Where do you go when you're blue

Haley sank down in a chair as she saw the picture that made headline news today. Regret filled her as she remembered the feel of Chris's lips against hers. She dropped her head in her hands, imagining Nathan's reaction when he saw his wife kissing someone he hated. Quickly she decided that she should try and tell him before he found out with the rest of the world. She jumped up and dug threw her bag for her phone. She hesitated only a second before dialing the familiar numbers.


"Hello?" Nathan answered, sounding as if he'd been asleep. Haley had to do this quickly before she lost what little nerve she had.

"Hey Nathan, its Haley. Listen there's something I need to tell you and you aren't going to like it, but I have to tell you. I kissed Chris and its on the front page of…" She trailed off, that picture was on the front page of quite a few magazines, actually.


"Nathan?" she whispered, unsure if he were still on the line.

"Why?" He answered, his voice hard and cold. Haley brushed away the hot tears fell from her eyes.


"I was drunk and it just happened. I didn't plan it or anything and nothing else happened, I swear!" Haley said sincerely. Things between her and Nathan were already strained, at best, and she was sure this would be their undoing.

"Great, so Brooke was right, you are a club whore." He sneered angrily. She started to defend herself, but the sound of a dial tone filled her ears.


Haley fell apart at his words. Surely she wasn't a "club whore" as he'd so rudely said. She liked going out with her friends and having fun. She wasn't all over a different guy every night like some of the friends she went out with. Yes, she'd kissed Chris, but it was a mistake. She was young, she was entitled to make mistakes, right? These thoughts ran through her head as she attempted to stop the flow of tears.

She was surprised to hear the sound of her doorbell. She didn't have any meetings today, so her car couldn't be waiting for her, and she was certain that Chris was still passed out at home. Curiously, she went to the door, still wiping away her tears, and opened it.


"Lucas? Brooke? What are you guys doing here?" She whispered, she could hardly believe her eyes. Her best friend was standing in her doorway in New York City. Without another word she lunged at him and hugged him tightly. A fresh batch of tears spilled down her cheeks. Lucas gently rubbed her hair as she cried into his chest. Slowly she pulled away, and wiped her eyes.

"I missed you Haley." Lucas said simply as Haley motioned for them to come in. She gave Brooke a small smile, as Nathan's words flashed through her mind. She wanted to question her, but decided it could wait.


"I miss you guys too. It's so lonely here. I'm really glad you guys came. How long are you here?" She asked, following them into her living room. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the stack of magazines on her coffee table that announced her indiscretions to the world. She tried to casually pick them up and straighten them. She laid them back down, cover down, and smiled at Lucas and Brooke.

"Just the weekend. I brought all your finals, that way you can be a senior, you know if you ever wanted to come back." Lucas said softly, eyes the flipped magazines. Haley wondered if he had seen the pictures on them.


"Thank you Luke, that means a lot to me." She said, giving him a small smile.

"Well, I bet you guys have some catching up to do, and I have some shopping to do, so I'll see you guys later." Brooke said, breaking the silence they had lapsed into. She waved as she headed out the door.


"Haley, I uh, I need to ask you something. I'm sure its nothing, but I saw a couple magazines and please tell me that you did not kiss Chris Keller." Lucas pleaded as soon as Brooke was gone. Haley momentarily closed her eyes. He knew. Lucas knew, Brooke probably knew and obviously Nathan knew. By the time this day was over, Haley was sure that it wouldn't be only hers and Nathan's relationship that was over.  

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