Drive till you lose the road

Set during the 2nd season. Haley has left for New York, but can she avoid the temptations that come with the rock star's lifestyle? And if she falls, who will be there to help her pick herself back up?


7. Crossing the line

Lucas dropped his head into his hands as he watched Haley run out of her apartment. He felt like an ass. True, he'd apologized for treating her unfairly, but he couldn't stop feeling like she should have been above it. She was too good of a person to let herself get caught up in this scene. He was scared, scared of losing the person that he loved.


"So, do I look hot or what?" Brooke asked, coming out of the bathroom. She was wearing jeans and a low-cut halter top.

Lucas nodded. It was no secret to him that Brooke could make a trash bag look amazing.

"Where's Haley?" Brooke asked, glancing around the apartment.


"She had to go to rehearsal, you just missed her." Lucas told her.

"Aww, that sucks, I was hoping we could all hang out or something." Brooke pouted. Lucas shook his head in amusement. As far as he knew, Haley wasn't even on Brooke's radar, but here she was looking upset about not spending time with her.


"She said she'd try to make it quick. Are you hungry? Haley said she had some menus by the phone." Lucas said, as he pulled out his phone. Haley had mentioned that she'd told Nathan about Chris. Lucas wanted to call and see how his brother was holding up.

"Hello?" Nathan answered gruffly.



"Nate, hey it's me. I heard about Haley, I just wanted to check on you." Lucas said with concern.

"Right. Look, I'm fine, and you can tell Haley that. I'm sure she's right beside you. Hell it was probably even her idea to call me right? Some kind of game? Let's ruin Nathan's life and then call and rub it in?" Nathan exploded. Lucas felt his temper growing. He knew that Nathan was angry. He had a hell of a reason to be, but that didn't give him the right to take it out on Luke. And it certainly didn't give him the right to stick Lucas in the middle, just because he and Haley were still friends.


"Look, Haley's not even here. You need to check your attitude. I was just calling to check on you, not get chewed out, alright?" Lucas replied loudly. Lucas watched Brooke raise her eyebrows, as their conversation grew heated.

"Whatever man. You're not even worth arguing about, you're on her side anyway." Nathan said snidely.


"I'm not on a side Nathan. I'm not five. Haley's my best friend, and you're my brother. This situation sucks, but I'm not going to stop being her friend and I'm not going to stop being yours. So you can either deal with it, or…" Lucas trailed off, not wanting to finish his sentence. Nathan sensed weakness and pounced.

"Or what? Or we won't be friends? That's fine with my Lucas. Things were so much simpler before you and Haley came into my life anyway, so why don't we just pretend you didn't." Nathan retorted, slamming the phone in Lucas's ear.


"That didn't go well, I take it." Brooke stated, as she sat down beside him. She put her hand on his arm, reassuringly.

"Don't worry about it Broody, Nathan just needs some time to calm down. He'll be calling you back to apologize, I know it." Brooke said optimistically. Lucas shook his head, he wasn't as convinced as Brooke was.


"Somehow I doubt that." He said softly. He did agree with Nathan about one point, his life was so much simpler before, when it was just him and Haley. He wished he could go somewhere quiet to think, but he didn't want to leave Brooke all alone. He let himself be talked into watching a girly movie that Brooke picked out. She fell asleep about halfway through the movie. He stroked her hair as she lay asleep on his chest. He glanced at the clock and realized it was getting late. He eased himself out from under Brooke, checking to make sure she didn't wake. Luke took his phone into the kitchen.

He had just started to dial Haley's cell when he heard her door easing open.

"Hales?" He asked, as he walked back into the darkened living room.



"Yeah, I'm sorry its so late. I tried to get out early, but Chris kept insisting that I could do better." She said bitterly.

"Did you guys get dinner?" She asked, opening the fridge. She grabbed some leftover out of the fridge, when Lucas told her that they hadn't. She heated them up some food and motioned for him to follow her into her room, when she saw that Brooke was passed out on the couch.


They made a little picnic on her bed. It almost felt like old times to Lucas. He debated telling her about his conversation with Nathan. Finally he decided that he'd better, that way she didn't find out from Brooke.

"I don't think Nathan and I are going to be hanging out much this summer." He said, finishing his dinner.


"Because of me?" Haley asked in a small voice.

"Partially. Nathan blew up at me on the phone today. He's just angry and lashing out, but I didn't do anything to him, ya know?" Lucas replied, shrugging. Haley nodded, gathering up their dishes and taking them to the kitchen.


"Will you sleep with me tonight, Luke?" She asked from the doorway, as she came back into the room.

"Of course, Hales." He replied. She grabbed some pajamas from a drawer and gave him a small smile as she went into her bathroom to change. Lucas shrugged his shirt off, turned down her sheets and climbed into bed. Haley joined him a few minutes later. He turned over so that she could lay her head on his chest. He found himself stroking her hair, the way he'd done with Brooke earlier.


"Thank you for coming Luke." Haley whispered into his chest. He kissed her head lightly.

"You don't have to thank me. I love you Haley, I'll always be here." He replied softly. Haley sat up and gave him a sad smile. Hesitantly she leaned in and slowly pressed her lips to his. Lucas was taken back, he couldn't believe that Haley had kissed him. It only took him a second to stop thinking, and kiss back. The kiss quickly went from hesitant and exploring to full blown passion. The last thought that crossed Lucas's mind was that, now, Nathan had a reason to be angry with him.

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