I Will Be Stronger

The hardest thing in the world is to watch the people you love most die right in front of your eyes, fading away with each passing day...and there's absolutely nothing you can do to help them.


1. Prologue

Have you ever seen someone die?

I mean, have you really seen it happen? Seen your dearest ones die right in front of your eyes. Have you seen them grow weaker and weaker, wishing they would make it ... It shatters you. It destroys you...to watch someone you love, helplessly awaiting death. They give up hope eventually, and start wishing it would all be over soon. It kills you to see that. You have to live with the fear that you might wake up the next morning and find they are gone forever... 

Here is an abstract from the diary of little Hailey, who watched terminal cancer steal her sister's life, who watched as she took her last breath, closed her eyes to never open them again...Never.

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