Another Day, Another Death

Following the work of the homicide detectives in an American city.

Tackling cases that they consider run of the mill as well as more complex cases, that requires involving the entire unit.

One such case will bring them all face to face with the dangers of being a police officer as members of the unit become targets of a gunman.


4. Chain of Command

After a few minutes waiting Keel, still hadn't called for them to come in, Lucy got frustrated at being made to hang around got up and tapped on the glass pane in the door.


Harry had forgotten all about the meeting until he looked up to see what the banging was and saw Lucy hovering at his office door, he waved at her to come in and stopped writing the report.


Lucy motioned for Sean to follow her and they both went into Harrys’ spacious modern office with mostly wood panelled walls adorned with framed pictures of detectives and uniform officers who'd served the department through the years and a display case of badges from almost every police Department in the United States.


Sean sat in the chair at his desk on the opposite side from Harry, Lucy and sat in the mini sofa that tucked into the left hand corner of the office and waited for him to tell them why he'd called them in.


"Good Morning Sean and to you as well Lucy, sorry about keeping you waiting honestly I'd forgotten about calling you in until I saw you hovering at my door."


"I don't want to keep you hanging around any longer so I'll get to the point. I'm afraid this isn’t gonna go down well with you Lucy, but you’re to report to Lieutenant Hodges, office he wants to be debriefed on the Kelly case." Harry told them.


Lucy let out a disgusted sigh, and then said.

 "This is complete crap Harry, since when does the LT ever come to us for a case update usually it’s your job to brief that stuffed shirt."

"It’s not the usual way of doing things granted, but he is a C.I.D supervisor so he gets what he asks for."


"Hopefully detective Carter without the attitude you’ve been showing lately. I’ve been tolerant of it as you’re a good investigator but you mouth off to Hodges too much and he decides he wants you gone, I won’t help you is that clear."


"Yes, it's clear, no bad mouthing or showing a lack of respect to the asshole who's our superior got it."


"Under no circumstances should I call him a fat waste of oxygen or imply that his fat ass is sitting in a chair all day ordering detectives to do things he himself wouldn't have the slightest clue how to himself."


"Message received and understood, Lucy answered plainly and angrily."


"Well, good to hear you take it so well, Sean can I ask if you're as unhappy with this or is at least one of you prepared to act like a grown up, suck it up and go give the fat controller what he wants." Harry hit back angrily.


"Lucy's right Harry, it is unusual for him to want a case review from lowly detectives like me and my even tempered partner, but if that's what he wants then fine." Sean said.


"Besides, we don't exactly have a lot to tell him, we know he was killed interrupting the two men jacking his car.


We have CCTV footage to show that, but our lab isn't one of those off CSI they can't blow it up enough to get a clear shot of their faces.


Then after they speed away from the crime scene they disappear off camera after just a few blocks driving into areas with C.C.TV coverage ranging from frankly shit to no coverage at all."


"Well, don't give Hodges any of the negatives tell him about working with the auto unit looking into car theft rings. Looking at who might be able to dispose of his classic American muscle car."


"Hodges will love all that interdepartmental co-operation it, will make it seem like there's progress,” Harry told them.


"Ok, so basically you want us to accentuate the positive like the old song says." Sean said


"Yeah, sure," Harry said as he nodded in agreement, yet ignoring what he thought was Seans' use of a lyric from a really old song.


Harry moved passed that to continue giving them his instructions.


"Anyway you get out of here you crazy kids go talk to Hodges and get it over with, the sooner you can get back to work on all your cases."


"Oh, and do come back see me later Hodges' bound to get back to me and tell me his thoughts on the meeting, so I'll let you know what he had to say about your report."


"Great can't wait for that." Lucy said sarcastically as she and Sean got up to leave.


They walked out of Keel’s office and past their colleagues’ detectives Ben Lawrence and Grace Tyler as they were sitting at their desks.


Lucy didn't say a word to either of them, not just because she's still clearly annoyed about having to go and see the Lieutenant.


Sean on the other hand does stop to say a quick “Hi.” before rushing to catch up with his partner.

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