Another Day, Another Death

Following the work of the homicide detectives in an American city.

Tackling cases that they consider run of the mill as well as more complex cases, that requires involving the entire unit.

One such case will bring them all face to face with the dangers of being a police officer as members of the unit become targets of a gunman.


10. Case File

Having been waved away by Harry, Frank and Gerry went over to their desks, Frank pulled out a stack of papers they were the official first report on an open case with a carbon copy underneath for the records.


While Gerry just reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a paperback book, a detective story called Another Day, Another Death written by an author named Jonathan Bryant.


Frank looked over to see what he was doing and let out a sigh of disappointment loud enough for Gerry to hear it.


"What Frank!."


"Do you really have time to do that, do you really think that is the best use of your time when we've just got back from a crime scene." 


"Because I certainly don't have time to read a book, I have a report to file and so do you." He replied.


"Don't worry, I'll get to that after the chat with Harry, you know those things never take me long to fill in, certainly not as long as it takes you."


"That's because I take them seriously and fill them in correctly being careful not to just rush through these things."


"Well, you do it your way and I'll do it my way."


Keel came over to them from the entry between the squad room and the kitchen area where the detectives and civilian aides ate lunch, but most of the time they ended up just grabbing a snack at their desks, a holdover from the old precinct that didn't have such nice amenities.


He called over to them, catching them by surprise as neither of them had seen him standing there watching them.


Caught off guard Gerry quickly tried to get his feet off the top and under his desk and the book back in the drawer.


Frank, Gerry, my office for a case update, that's if you're not too busy reading your detective novel, Detective McKay.


Gerry looked sheepish at having been caught out. While Frank just shot him his usual look to say I told you say so.


They followed Harry in and Gerry sat down while Frank remained standing a holdover from reporting to superior officers from his days a military police officer serving in the US Army C.I.C.


"Frank, you mind sitting down?, you towering over me is unnerving, tell the truth, it's giving me flashbacks to my teachers in catholic school."

"If it's all the same with you sergeant I'd prefer to stand." Frank said, calling him by his full title not shortening it to sarge or calling him Harry as he liked his detectives to do.

"Now you know how I feel being a partner to our very own Jack Reacher, the book version not Tom Cruise in the movie." Gerry said.

The Reacher thing again, aside from the military police aspect we're nothing alike I'm stable he's a wanderer I haven't killed anyone since I got out of the army, plus sad to say Reacher has a better sex life."

"Oh please Frank, that's not true and you know it," Gerry replied.

"Wait, what does that mean." Harry chimed in. 

"Oh, only that Frank is dating someone, has been for months now, but won't tell me who, he's kept it to himself while I tell him all about my love life."  

"Yes, often in more detail than I'd like." Frank replied wearily." Still stood to attention his hands folded behind his back.

"Gee, I wonder why Frank doesn't want to share details of his private life with the biggest gossip in the dept."


"Hey, I resent that, I'm nowhere near the biggest gossip. Reginald in traffic is way worse than I am."

"Yeah, sure, you keep believing that. Frank told his partner."


"Well, we can't all be like Ben getting lucky with Grace, lucky son of bit..."


"Whoa, you're entering territory out of your league detective, that's based on false information and none of your concern anyway."


"What, I was just saying Grace is an attractive woman given half a chance I would."


"Harry cut him off before he could finish the sentence. "I think it's best if you keep quiet from now on Gerry."


"What, all I'm saying is what we were all thinking when we saw Beth confront her."


"I pretty much guarantee you were the only one thinking it, she's a colleague first, a woman second so it'd be a good idea if you kept thoughts like that to yourself." Frank told him."

"Ok, I get the message boss."


"Good, get this message as well Ben may have cheated, I don't know and don't need to know. If I don't need to know you certainly don't, so I don't want to hear any talk of you discussing it is that clear."


"What I'm sure of, is that whether he was cheating on his girlfriend it wasn't with Grace. Both of them assured Lieutenant Hodges and myself of that, we believed them so that means you do too, do I make myself clear." Harry said to Gerry.


"Anyway, if we could get back to the case, please." Frank asked, then proceeded to give Sgt. Keel the details.

"Okay, so we had two on the ground outside Wire the club on North street shot  multiple times, not sure if you're aware Harry, but the place is quite notorious it has had just about every other complaint made against it, the staff or customers over time except murder."


"Well, until now anyway," Gerry cut in.


Only for Frank to give him an annoyed look, he was always a bit uptight about these things if Harry told him to give the case details it meant he thought Gerry should only get involved when he asked him to.


Gerry knew that already from the years they had been partners usually wouldn't do this on the rare occasions he did do it. It was just to put a smile on his own face.


This time, petty as it may seem he did it because Frank had annoyed him over the way he got on his back over the way and speed he did all his paperwork and it wasn't the first time his case handling style.


It had annoyed him, the way Frank had joined in with Harry to put him down over his comments about Grace. Thinking about it in hindsight, he had been a little inappropriate, but it wasn't Frank’s place to call him on it. 


They were partners, even though Frank had seniority he was still out of line. He wasn't a sergeant, well not yet anyway.


After a few moments silence, Frank said.


"Anyway, so about the case if we could get back to it, please." Frank asked, then proceeded to get back to giving Sgt. Keel the details.

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