Another Day, Another Death

Following the work of the homicide detectives in an American city.

Tackling cases that they consider run of the mill as well as more complex cases, that requires involving the entire unit.

One such case will bring them all face to face with the dangers of being a police officer as members of the unit become targets of a gunman.


8. Attitude Adjustment

Sean was waiting for Lucy by the elevator that would take them down to the floor where the homicide squad room was located not just to see what Hodges had said to her after dismissing him, but as he'd left his key card back in his desk drawer, so he couldn't go anywhere without her to use her own card.


He could just take the stairs, but that would mean going back and asking Clara for her card to open the doors, then going down to the squad room, retrieving his own card only to have to come back and give Clara her card back. It was a pain in the ass he thought, just one of the reasons he hated this new building too boring and corporate, it reminded him of the offices of his father's company.


It was too damn security conscious as well he thought. He hated the fact that literally couldn’t go to the toilets without having to swipe in and out first, but homicide and almost every other unit in the department except the Narcotics unit which somehow its lieutenant had managed to persuade the bosses had to stay where it was while they all made the move as the department consolidated everything else under one roof.


Sure the old police department building was over one hundred years old, infested with rats and cockroaches almost as big as the rats. It was falling apart at the seams and had almost burned to the ground in the late 1980’s in an electrical fire, but it had character unlike this place. Sean believed.


He knew he wasn’t the only one, his colleagues had compared it to the offices of an insurance company or a bank headquarters or advertising agency, some kind of soulless corporate monstrosity.


Sean was bored waiting for Lucy but he knew that besides all the extra hassle to go down and come back up she would be even more annoyed if he hadn't waited for her. In recent times he'd begun to forget that he had seniority in their partnership he had given into her demands so often to try and make her a bit happier and hopefully get back the funny, brilliant partner, he had, not the perpetually angry, one screw up from getting fired mess he had put up with these last few months.


He was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard her approaching and put on a smile so she knew he was joking when he asked her how it went.


"How did it go in there, you been fired yet, or worse yet, have we both fired." He asked Lucy as she approached.


"Neither of us is fired or transferred or demoted either, but Hodges and I are working out the date my career spontaneously combusts, he'd prefer it be sooner than later. Me I'm indifferent I don't know when it will happen, I just know it will happen." Lucy answered.


"Jesus Christ, Lucy, why are you so intent on committing career suicide, these last few months I've seen you get angrier and make some pretty dumb ass decisions like the mess you got in with Ben."


"Yes, he said, seeing the surprised look on Lucy's face. I know all about the sordid screwfest with Ben, how you threw Grace under the bus when his girlfriend learned he was cheating and leapt to a conclusion. Now you owe Grace an apology, you owe me one for putting up with you and you owe yourself the chance to deal with whatever is causing you to be so self destructive.


"Talk to someone about what really set all this off, talk to me, better still talk to your brother, surely he's going through the same thing."


"No, he isn't, he's been a lot better at putting it behind him than I have.”


"Sometimes I find myself wishing that I could be like my little brother and I can't shake the feeling something is wrong with me and I wonder all the time how different things would've been. I hope I'd be a better person, not bitter and angry all the time, not done the things I've done." Lucy said before burying her head in her hands and wiping away her tears.


"I really wish I could be like David, but I can't so what does that leave, a visit to the department shrink, no thanks I don't want that in my permanent file."

"Hang on, that sounds like someone who cares about their career, not the impression you were giving me a minute ago."


“Okay, yes I do want to stay on the job and preferably in the homicide unit, but I can't seem to shake the feeling something is wrong with me that wouldn't be if my parents were still alive."


"I can't do anything about that I would if I could, all I can do is offer some advice in the here and now, you know the best way to turn your fortunes around is to get on with the job properly, if you want to avoid demotion or a one way trip to the unemployment line, which now I'm sure you do, I for one would like back the partner I used to have not the one I've had to put up with recently."


"Frankly the one I've got at the moment has been a pain in my ass, too busy beating herself up over poor choices she's made and dealing with the fact they've blown up in her face. You want to finish all that then start with the job even if that means doing what Hodges want so we can put that dog of a case to bed and move on."


"You're right, I have been a pain to put up with for months, you're the only real friend I've got yet I've still messed you around beyond the point I would've put up with you if the situation was reversed."


"Thanks partner, you're all heart." Sean said sarcastically.


"You're welcome I meant every word of it." Lucy responded.

"I pissed off everyone who even gives half a shit about me, we were friendly to each other if not actually as close friends as I’d have liked, but I’ve likely blown it with Grace I ruined her and Ben's friendship and partnership and played a part in ending it between Ben and Beth as well."


"No fuck that, Ben holds most of the blame for that mess, he should’ve been the one to at least dig Grace out of that shitstorm and he knew it wasn't completely over between him and Beth and neglected to tell you that, but still stuck it to you, that makes him the asshole in my book." Sean interrupted her to say.

"Stuck it to me, thanks what a lovely description of my relationship with Ben, I hope it conjures up a lovely image in your head of us going at it for hours and hours of our hot sweaty sex."

Lucy said, her tone a mixture of the annoyance at his remark and pleasure of getting back at him putting an image in his mind he wouldn't want to think about.

"Oh, that will keep me up at nights and send me to therapy, well played.” Sean said, acknowledging a game they sometimes played between themselves to see who could gross the other out the most during a shift."

"Well, sure I see Ben now for the creep he is, but what about everyone else, Frank, Gerry, Marc his dinosaur partner I've pissed them all off not that I exactly liked any of them to begin with, but I've always liked Harry yet I pissed him off so much I doubt he'll go to bat if Hodges wants me gone. I haven't spoken to David in over a month after an argument we had and on top of all that I'm flushing a career I actually do still like down the toilet."


"This behavior is pathetic whining over her dead parents. Joining the police because I wanted to follow in my mom's footsteps, feel that bit closer to her, or honor her memory or whatever weepy bullshit I told myself, well, I know need to get a grip and I need to let go, but I just can't seem to get myself out of this constant state of feeling pissed off at everyone and everything." Lucy said as she stopped drying her eyes and began regaining her composure.


"Well, you weren't always this emotional about it you haven't let it override your emotional control and your better judgment this much the whole time I've known you it's just been this anniversary that's messing with your head. I believe you can put it behind you again and get back on track, but I know you still won't just do what Hodges wants."


"Fuck no I'm not giving in to that idiot and his entirely self serving motivation for wanting to clear that case above all others. We solve it, he looks good he gets praise from his bosses and continues to climb the ladder."


"You don't know for sure that's his aim, but so what if it is, don't you think you've got a better chance of staying in the unit or just staying on the job the further away Hodges is. Besides, while he's here Hodges is a boss, and we have to do what he says." Sean replied.


"Hodges is a prick," Lucy said.


"That’s harsh, don’t you think, yeah, he’s pushing us to close a case for obvious reasons, so the easiest thing is to work it hopefully close it and then move on." Sean reiterated.


"The hell with that and with him for wanting to prioritize this murder over other cases just because this idiot was a city Councillor, like this dicks job title makes him more important and us more determined to solve it. Fuck Hodges and that dead idiot, if he hadn't parked that dick mobile of his in that area, he probably wouldn't be dead, well seems to me he got what he deserved."


"So I've got no inclination to solve it, as far as I’m concerned, we have a more important case to put down, but you want to be a good little soldier and ask how high when some stripe with no practical experience, Lucy said, throwing the words Sean had used against Hodges back at him, says jump, so be it but, you do it without me got it."


"Is this really it the case you're willing to commit career suicide over."


"Yeah, looks that way." Lucy answered tersely.


"So be it, I’ll cover for you while you get back to the Perry rape/homicide because I've seen the same files from sex crimes you have and agree with you there’s a risk this guy may have raped before without killing. Just don’t expect me to be there to pick up the pieces when you do find yourself out of a job." Sean told her.


"Yeah, he's struck before, I guarantee it even if we haven't found a matching MO in the files. The fact he used a brick to kill Natasha Perry suggests it was a weapon of opportunity and that he likely didn't intend to murder we just know from the bruising on her body, she put up a hell of a fight against whoever this worthless piece of shit is. Caving her skull in is likely the only way scum like this guy know how to deal with a woman." Lucy said then added.


"I guarantee he'll rape again, even if he doesn't kill next time, or worst case the FBI behavioral analyst I spoke to is right when he says it might be that our scumbag now he has a taste for killing and it will be part of his act next time. So yeah for me finding this mutt and putting him down is more important than the shit Hodges is getting a stick up his ass over."


"I presume that you mean arresting him when you say putting him down not literally putting him down." Sean said


"Either way I'm not bothered, I guess it all depends on my mood when I corner the piece of shit, I might just take him in or I might just gun him down."


"Sounds to me like you're going to go looking to put him in the ground rather than a prison cell, talk like that actually scares me you know we're cops right. We don't get to play judge, jury and executioner."


"I'll be performing a public service getting rid of this guy, I won't go looking for it, but I won't back down if it comes to pulling the trigger and I won't lose any sleep over his no longer breathing the same air as me, or any air at all for that matter."


"That comment has me wanting to do everything you ever tell me to do, you can be one scary lady when you want to be, for that reason I think I’ll continue to work the Kelly case even if it's a pig of an investigation."


"Thanks partner knew I could count on you." Lucy said


"Don’t get me wrong if it were any other case I’d tell you to drop it and drag your ass around on our dead councilman no matter how much you bitched and moaned, got it." Sean said.

"Yeah, I got it." Lucy said, as the lift arrived and they stepped inside for the ride down to the squad room without saying another word to each other.

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