The un-heard screams of the little failure

I dont know what genre this should be. its about me, but its no ordanary diary. its more a horror story, my horror story, my life.


4. Living on easy street, or not at all

at the start of my fifteenth birthday i had quite the sum of money. everything was going well. i had so many friends, i was so happy. i would sleep on benches just to escape my house but i was happy. i was out seeing and doing things i shouldnt. but i was happy. every now and then i would get a flicker of, YOU'RE A FAILURE! but i could ignore it. then it got worse... my perfect sanctuary from sadness seemed to be failing.i felt worse than ever, like all the time i had spent avoiding my problems they had grown. now it was so impossible everything was ****ing up. i would get home and be called a failure. i would go out and think of being dead. i took a step back and saw how **** my life was, only option was to end it.

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