My Blood

A Hunger Games fan fiction. Please support me in the contest! :D
The video to the right does not seem to be working so here is a link to the original trailer for The Hunger Games:


2. Blood against blood

My Grandfather fell to the ground, swallowed up by the crowd. Blood pumped through my throbbing veins, somebody pushed me forward as a pathway was formed. I slowly hobbled up to the podium; my face was a blank canvas, showing no sign of emotion. Sneaking a glance at Alyce, I found what was expected, her pale face displayed a look of horror and as I leant forward to shake Ramona’s hand, I could tell she was equally shocked.


Never before had this happened.


I felt sick, my throat was screaming at me, desperate for a drop of water. The crowd was stiff and rigid, they clearly disagreed with this, but there was nothing they could do except stand there and watch us die.


I couldn’t fight. Not against my own blood. Not to the death.


For Alyce to live, I had to die.


To live, Alyce had to die.  

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