Charlie is trying to find herself again through a vacation. What would happen if she met the actor that her so-called best friend worships but she undeniably hates, but doesn't really recognize him because of some changes the actor, Gabriel Simoun, did to himself?


4. The Distance


"You seem bothered, Miss?" George, the butler said as he entered the kitchen, where Charlie stayed the whole morning the next day. Charlie shifted her position from laying her head on the counter to sitting upright. She smiled weakly.

"I don't know what to do George." She started.

"Why? What happened?". George sat beside her. 

George is in his late thirties and has been working for Charlie's family for eighteen years already. He's like Charlie's big brother and father. They're close and if Charlie had problems George was there for her. 

"It's my father." Charlie looked at him with a gloomy expression.

"Like he never became a problem to you." He chuckled. "What is it now?"

She took a deep breath. 

"Remember three weeks ago when I was admitted to the hospital when......"

"Yes. Yes. When you were trapped with that actor in a room."

"Yah. He never came. He didn't even see if I were okay."

"He called anyway." 

"He did. But it was like he felt obligated to call me just because I'm her daughter, You know?"

"It's not like that Charlie. He just have a lot of things to do to, you know, to sustain all your needs, all your wants."

"I don't this this gigantic mansion. I don't need all those designer clothes and stuff." She stood up and walked around the counter. "I need my father!" She started to cry. George jogged around and rubbed her back lightly. "Shhh....Shhhh. It's okay." He told her.

"And now Lisa and I are....Ugh! I don't know what's happening to me George. It's not just my father. There's a lot in my mind right now." She wiped her tears.

"Maybe...Maybe you just need some time alone. Just you. Without Lisa telling you what to do and without worrying about your father if he goes home and have dinner with you or not."

George held her shoulders and let her face him. "Why don't you go on a vacation. School's over in two weeks and....You wanted to go to Italy right?"

"Yah. Very much."

"Then I think you should go. It seems like your losing yourself somehow and I think this is the best way to find yourself and to know you more. Right?" He smiled.

"Yes. Right!" Charlie started to sound excited.

"But...will my father allow it?" 

"i think he will. He'd give everything and anything you want." He grinned.

"I think...I think that's a very good idea. Thanks George."


First time in two weeks, Charlie's father went home. Even though her father's busy with answering calls and talking to his assistan, Fred, she really tried to get his attention and talked about her plans this summer.

"Are you sure you'll go alone?" Mr. Thorne asked.

"Yes." Charlie asnwered hesitantly.

"Let Lisa come with you. I'll pay for her tickets." He put back his cellphone on his ears.

"No!" Charlie answered back quickly. Mr. Thorne put the cellphone down.

"What? Why?" 

"We're not in good terms right now. And I really wanna go alone Dad." She insisted.

He sighed. "Alright. Fine. Just give Fred your passport and personal information and he'll book your tickets and hotel."

"Dad. Verona." 

"Yeh, sure Verona. Is that all?" He asked impatiently.


He turned back and answered the next caller. "Yes, Mr. Lyle. Yes....Yes...No Mr. Lyle I don't think so...."

Charlie went out slowly and from her father's office went to her room. She curled on her bed and before she realized it, she fell asleep.

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