Charlie is trying to find herself again through a vacation. What would happen if she met the actor that her so-called best friend worships but she undeniably hates, but doesn't really recognize him because of some changes the actor, Gabriel Simoun, did to himself?


7. I’d Lie


He put his hands in his pocket as he walked around the streets of Verona. He kept his big sunglasses and baseball cap on to prevent people from recognizing him. He wore ordinary clothes to blend in, a plain blue shirt, jeans and sneakers. He even dyed his hair chocolate brown from near to blonde.

            This is not the first time that he ran away from his manager. Just last year he was in Greece. This time, he decided to go to Italy. He grew tired with all the non-stop work he had in the year. Endless tapings, photo shoots, commercials, singing gigs and the like. He’s not given ample time for himself, to rest and all. He left a note before he went but he didn’t let his manager know.

            While Gabriel was walking, he heard a scream. He was shocked and turned, thinking that someone could have recognized him, which he prays hardly that he’s wrong. Instead, A girl, sobbing, bump him accidentally. She looked up to him with her foggy and messy eyes, her mascara was messed up. Gabriel froze and even with the sunglasses on, he avoided looking at the girl’s eyes.

“So…so…so…sorry…” She struggled to say. She continued to cry and walked away. Gabriel was able to breathe.

            He walked further and saw another girl crying and being comforted by her friend. He started to wonder. He saw people coming out from somewhere ahead of the road. He went towards it and leaned against the wall just right outside the gate. He bent his head to see what’s inside. He realized that it was Juliet’s Balcony. He saw lovers all over the place and group of girls writing letters. He waited for the people to subside. It’s already late in the afternoon and people started to get out. He ducked his head as people passed by him. Maybe, some of them thought he’s a burglar because he saw a middle aged woman hugged her purse tightly on her chest and gripped her husband’s arm as she passed by. Gabriel chuckled when he saw that.

            When he noticed that no one’s going out for a while, he thought that the place was empty. He went in and checked out the wall with all the hundreds of letters stuck on it. He took out some of it and sat on the brick floor and started reading it. He thought some of it were corny, especially those letters with super emotional and broken hearted content and only to reveal that she was only with that guy for a week or two. He opened the last letter, he read it quickly.

“I think it’s illegal reading other people’s letter.”

He looked up and tried to hide the letters he got. He stood up.                    

“I…I…sorry.” He quickly put back the letters and the girl chuckled when Gabriel didn’t realize how funny he looked like when he panics.

Gabriel turned back to her. He noticed the girl’s red nose and swollen eyes and slightly puffy lips. “We’re you crying?” He asked.

“What? No.” The woman turned.

“Hey.” Gabriel grabbed her arm lightly to stop her from going. “Are you okay?”

            Gabriel doesn’t like it when he sees someone cry, especially girls. He could tolerate other girls, but this time, the girl reminds her of someone he used to know, someone special to him. And when he saw that long dark wavy hair and chocolate brown eyes, only one person was in his mind, His deceased mother.

“Yeh, I’m fine. I gotta go.” She grabbed her stuff on the bench and walked away.

            Gabriel didn’t know what went in to him that he decided to follow the girl. He tried to keep himself a bit distant from her so that she wouldn’t notice or freak out. He hardly knew where the girl was going, all he did was follow her. And just when he would give up what he was doing because he realized he’s being creepy and stupid, he saw a man approached the girl. He’s like six feet tall, wearing a black fitted shirt and a cap. There were not a lot of people around in that place and it’s dark already, so no one probably could notice. The man grabbed her arm and she resisted. But she wasn’t strong enough to fight. She threw a punch on the man’s arm but he seemed not affected at all. Gabriel jogged quickly towards the girl and grabbed her shoulders and started to run as fast as he could while him pulling the girl behind him. He didn’t look back to see if the man was after them or not. He just ran and looked for a place where they’ll be safe. And at last, he found a crowd and sat on the bench near the fountain, gasping for air. The girl knelt down as she was so tired, she was panting.

“Thanks.” The girl said when they’re settled on the bench after a few minutes.

“No problem.” He smiled. The girl stared at her. He felt a bit of panic because he thought of the girl recognizing him.

“Why are you still wearing that?” she pointed to the sunglasses. He was relieved.

“Oh. Uhm. I forgot to take it off.” He slowly took it off and slid it hanging on his shirt.

“I’m Charlie.” She offered her hand for a handshake.

“I’m Ga…Uh, Kyle.” He smiled and shook her hands.

“Nice meeting you, Kyle. So what brought you to Verona?” Charlie asked.


“With your family? Friends?”

“No. Just me.”


“Yeh. What about you?” He lowered his cap to cover his eyes a bit.

“I think this is me running away and wanting to be alone.” She smiled weakly.

“I know it’s personal but, you really seemed problematic.”

“Maybe I am.”

Gabriel didn’t want to make the mood heavy so he asked Charlie if she wants to have dinner.

“Sure. I’m so hungry myself.”

They looked for a place to eat. “What about pizza?” Charlie asked.

“Yes. I love pizza.” Gabriel answered.

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