Silent Night

Naomi has been trapped inside a mental asylum for 2 years, and have had enough. She desides to break free, and kill the horrible doctor, who've been tormenting her for years.


1. Silent Night

“It’s not my fault” a voice whispered.

“I didn’t do it” it continued.

“I-it’s not my fault! I didn’t choose to survive!” it chanted.

It laughed manically. “Heheheee, they will all be killed” it whispered. “All by me”.

“No-no-no, I-I’m not doing it!” it whispered. A silent maniacally laugh sounded in the big cell. It became louder and louder, and grew more and more sinister. Naomi had been damned. She had for years suffered from split personality and bipolar disorder, and tried to take her own life several times. At the young age of 16, she had been put into a mental asylum. She had been put in a cell, and ever since, no one had barely spoken to her. Except for Safira – her other self, and her arch enemy. Naomi was her own best friend, and enemy.

“They don’t know a thing. Not a thing.” She whispered. “I shall break free!”

The same moment someone knocked on the door. Naomi looked up. The hatch to the peephole was opened, and two stabbing eyes looked through. “Naomi?” it asked. “Are you ready for your treatment?”

The door opened, and Naomi’s doctor entered the cell. Naomi was afraid of him. “G... Get away from me” Naomi said.

The doctor smiled shortly. “Naomi my dear,” he said. “Do we have to go through this every time?” he asked.

Naomi took a deep breath, and slowly crawled backwards away from the doctor. The doctor grinned. “It won’t hurt Naomi” he said. “You’ve been through this before.”

Naomi looked terrified at the tall man. She had reached the corner of the room, and couldn’t flee any further. The doctor grabbed Naomi’s hand and pulled her from the floor. “Come on now Naomi” he said.

Naomi started screaming. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” she yelled terrified, trying to break free.

Two nurses ran in the cell and grabbed Naomi. One of them injected Naomi with anaesthesia. After a few seconds, Naomi couldn’t feel her legs anymore. She became sleepy and collapsed on the floor.

When she woke up, she had a massive headache. She had been laid on the filthy bed in which she was forced to sleep in. The door to her cell was slightly open, and light came shining through from the hallway. She could hear 2 low voices arguing on the hallway, but she was still too dull to pay attention. But they were talking about Naomi, that was for sure. The doctor walked towards the door, and shut it. Naomi didn’t hear the normal “click”, indicating that the door was locked. Naomi sat up slowly, and started reeling towards the door. She still couldn’t really feel her legs, and her eyes felt very heavy, as if she was about to fall asleep any minute. She looked out of the peephole, which wasn’t shut. She could see her doctor and a nurse. Naomi paid attention to them. After a little while they left, and Naomi was gradually awake again. She slowly grabbed the handle, making sure she didn’t make a single noise. The doctor and nurse was now completely out of sight. Naomi turned the handle. The door opened. Naomi slowly sneaked out the door. She was going to escape!

She sneaked through the long corridor. The walls seemed to move, but it was eventually just the anaesthesia that hadn’t completely left her body. She still felt a little sleepy. Screams came from the other cells, making Naomi uncomfortable. Naomi heard footsteps. A chock hit Naomi, and she started running. She grabbed a door handle, which she knew didn’t lead to another cell. She ran through the door and closed it afterwards. Shequickly  looked around, and hid inside a closet. She heard the guard come closer and closer. The door opened. Naomi peeped. “Is anybody here?” he asked.

Naomi held her breath, trying desperately not to make a sound. “Please don’t find me, please don’t find me” she thought to herself. The guard searched the room. Under the couch. Under the table. There was eventually none other hiding spot left - except for the closet. The closet Naomi was hiding in. The guard came towards the closet, slowly grabbing the handle. He opened the closet, and Naomi quickly ran by him before he could catch her. “What are you doing here?!” he asked.

Naomi was silent. She looked around, searching for a possible weapon. “You should be in your cell!” he said.

Naomi quickly grabbed a glass bottle on the table and hit the guard in the head. The bottle shattered, and a loud thud heard when the guard hit the floor. Naomi looked at the guard on the floor. He was dead. Naomi felt the urge to scream, but quickly silenced herself. “So you’re becoming me, huh?” a voice sounded in her head. It was Safira.

“Get out of my head!” Naomi said.

“Why would I?” Safira asked.

“It’s my body! It should only be me!” Naomi replied.

“Who said YOU’RE not in MY body?” Safira asked.

Naomi thought about it briefly. “Shut up, SHUT UP!” Naomi squealed.

“As you wish” Safira said, and left with a small grin.

Naomi took a deep breath. She looked at the guard on the floor. She didn’t know what to do. She took a big shard of glass from the bottle. Naomi started bleeding. “Dammit!” she said. But she didn’t have time for self-pity. She had to move on.

Naomi looked for a way out. Not the way she had come from. There was another door. Naomi didn’t know where it led to; she just had to move on. She continued through a row of rooms. It was late at night. Naomi knew not many guards where there at this time. The day shifters had just left, and the night shifters had not yet arrived.

Naomi entered a big room. There was a big window. Naomi looked out. There was an open window upstairs. It was her doctor’s office. Then she could get her revenge at the same time. She knew where to go. She walked out the door. The hallway was silent and empty. Naomi continued down the hallway, leading to the stairs.

“Where are we going?” Safira’s voice sounded.

“WE are not going anywhere!” Naomi said. “I am getting out of here!”

“Well, if you get out of here, I will have to follow” Safira said.

“No!” Naomi said demonstratively. “I am leaving you, along with this godforsaken place.”

“Good luck” Safira said.

Naomi had reached the 3rd floor. She knew exactly where to go from here. Naomi hadn’t progressed long in the hallway, before she saw a flashlight, and a guard coming towards her. Naomi gasped, and quickly hid behind a wall. The guard passed by, but Naomi didn’t feel safe just yet. “What are you waiting for?!” Safira said.

“What?” Naomi asked.

“Kill him!” Safira said.

Naomi tried to resist, but it was hard. She got a good grip of the glass shard, and grabbed the guard from behind. She cut open his throat with the shard. Naomi let go and he fell bleeding to the floor. “Good job!” Safira praised Naomi.

“N... No!” Naomi said. “How.. YOU MADE ME DO THIS!” she blamed her other self.

Naomi looked at her hands. They were covered in blood. A mix of her own, and the guards. Safira laughed silently in Naomi’s head. “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” Naomi screamed desperately.

Safira laughed mockingly. “But I enjoy it here” she laughed.

Naomi didn’t know what to do. Safira was the only person she had had a conversation with for years.  She was her worst enemy, but her only friend.

When Naomi was only 10 years old, her and her family had went on a vacation. On the way back, the plane crashed. Naomi was one of few survivors, and after this point on, her mind had created Safira to keep her company. But Safira had only seemed like a friend. After some time, she turned into a cruel demon. Naomi had never had outlet for her hate up until the crash, and had never expressed it since Safira was created. Safira was her bad feelings. The feelings that made Naomi want to strange every single person on earth. Naomi never wanted to be mean to anyone. She just wanted to live happy. Safira drove Naomi mad, making her want to die, just to get rid of the cruel voices in her head, telling her to do bad stuff. When Safira was discovered, Naomi was sent straight to a mental asylum. But instead of helping her get rid of Safira, they had just treated like a filthy rat. Safira had torn her up from inside, and it had gotten worse and worse since she was put in that little cell.

Naomi started crying. “I don’t... Want to be here anymore...” she whispered to herself.

“You have a shard of glass” Safira whispered demonically.

“NO!” Naomi shouted. “I won’t let you win!”

“So we’re a fighter now, huh?” Safira said. “Very well”

Naomi progressed through the hallway, heading for her doctors’ office. She had to put an end to this. To Safira, the cruel ways of the asylum, and her madness. She finally reached the door. It was special from the others. Naomi could hear voices from the other side of the door. She laid and ear upon the door, listening closely. It was the nurse from before.

Naomi couldn’t do anything as long as she was there. Naomi heard the nurse finish her sentence, and footsteps heading for the door. Naomi quickly ran in another room and hid under a couch. The nurse went past the door. Naomi heard a door far away open, and close. The nurse had obviously entered it.

Naomi crawled out from under the couch. She went out the door, and stood in front of the doctor’s office. She took a deep breath, and grabbed the door handle. “What are you waiting for?” Safira asked.

“You’re right” Naomi whispered. She grabbed firmly around the handle, and burst in through the door, and slammed it afterwards.

“Naomi!” the doctor said. “Why aren’t you in your room?” he asked.

“My room?” Naomi asked sceptic. “Oh, you mean that cell I’ve been trapped in for the last 2 years?”

The doctor smiled at her. “You’re obviously confused, Naomi.” He said. “Let me call the guards, so they can guide you back where you came from”

“I’m NOT going back!” she said.

“Yes you are.” The doctor replied. “You cannot stay here”

“I’m not” Naomi said. “I’m getting rid of you, and then I’ll escape”

The doctor laughed at her. “Oh my dear, childish Naomi” he laughed. “There’s no way you can escape. Or your little friend for that matter”

He was talking about Safira. “She is not my friend.” Naomi said.

“Oh please” Safira said.

Naomi walked slowly towards the doctor. “Look at you.” Naomi said. “Hiding behind your little desk. You’re pathetic”

“Guards!” the doctor yelled.

Naomi quickly rushed towards the doctor. She had the shard of glass in her hand. “I’m not leaving without you dead!” she yelled.

The doctor grabbed Naomi’s hands. He had expected Naomi weak after years without much food. But Naomi was strong. Not by nature. She would’ve been weak, but the adrenalin rushed through her body, and the will of wanting the bastard dead made her strong.

Naomi was struggling breaking through the old man’s guards. At the same moment 2 guards burst through the door. They grabbed Naomi, holding her back from her target. “NO!” Naomi yelled as she was being pulled back towards the door. She screamed and broke free from the two guard’s grip. She ran for the doctor, aiming at him with the glass shard. She grabbed him around the neck, and swung the shard towards his chest. She heard a splattering noise, and blood sprayed in Naomi’s face, as she broke through the doctor’s skin, piercing his heart. She looked at the now dead man in the chair, with a piece of broken glass sticking out of his chest. Naomi was breathing fast. Her goal was now accomplished. She smiled. “Oh deary, he is dead” Safira laughed.

Naomi didn’t respond. Instead, she just started laughing maniacally. The guards grabbed Naomi and took her back down the hallway, for her cell. Naomi slowly started to tone down her laughter as they were about to reach her cell. Her hand was still bleeding pretty badly. The guards stopped in front of Naomi’s cell, letting go of her for a short amount of time to unlock the door. But it was a bad idea. Naomi took a short, slow step towards the exit. Then another. She took a deep breath, and ran for the exit. “Wait, come back!!” the guards yelled after her.

The adrenalin rushed quickly through Naomi’s body. “Run baby!” Safira said to her. Naomi didn’t respond this time either. She took a quick turn around the corner, almost falling due to the speed. She could hear the guards’ foot steps behind her. Naomi was short, and couldn’t run that fast, whereas the guards were tall. A part of Naomi was telling her she wouldn’t make it, but another part of her told her to keep going. She was so close after all.

Naomi ran through the door, leading to the courtyard outside. It was raining. Naomi slowly got soaked. She was almost out of breath, and she could hear the guards coming closer and closer after her, even in the slippery, wet gravel. She ran through the big metal gates. She started smiling. There was a town nearby. She couldn’t stop now. It was simply impossible!

She ran, and ran. The guards had pretty much stopped following her. Supposedly because they had realized they wouldn’t catch her anymore. Naomi felt unstoppable. She saw the little town not too far away. She ran for it. In the town, she could blend in. She entered the little down, and just as she had expected, the guards couldn’t find her in the crowd. She was finally safe!

Naomi looked down at her hands. They were covered in blood. She watched as the rain washed away the blood, along with her sins. She felt a relief. She listened closely. Safira was nowhere. She had vanished.

Naomi was free. Free as the wind.

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