Sapphires life has so far been a epic fail but when top designer Marcia Jones hosts a fashion competition. Sapphire starts to now lead a life what even she finds hard to handle, does she wish everything was back to normal?

This is my Fashion Competition entry. ENJOY!!!!


8. Regretting it

Sunday 25th August

Tommorrow is the day of the auditions for Female Fantasy. I am so scared apperently I have to do a scene with Orlando Bloom in :-0!!! What should I say to James if I have to do lovey dovey scenes with him because he won't like it if I come home saying: "Oh yeah when I was doing my Female Fantasy audition I had to flirt with Orlando Bloom". Got to go know for a walk with Marcia, she says I haven't had enough fresh air or exercise, Bye!!!

I have just came back from the leisurely stroll with Marcia and guess what??? There was Paparazzi flashing away at me and Marcia was just hiding behind a bush!!! Why do I have to be sooo famous?!?! I mean the prize was to be a top model but I didn't realise what 'top' meant. I am hating this now I want to be NORMAL!!!

Monday 26th August

RIGHT THAT'S IT I'M LEAVING!!!! I am going to tell Marcia I quit and I'm not ever coming back. I've already packed up my bag I'm so excited! It's been such a great expierence it's just I feel like I'm not ready to be this Celebrity.

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