Sapphires life has so far been a epic fail but when top designer Marcia Jones hosts a fashion competition. Sapphire starts to now lead a life what even she finds hard to handle, does she wish everything was back to normal?

This is my Fashion Competition entry. ENJOY!!!!


6. First steps

Thursday 22nd August


I'm now in bed tired in the 5 star posh hotel lookingat a fashion magazine to choose what to buy today for a shopping trip for the fashion show. I'm advertising 5 outfits and the one Marcia shown me was one of them!!! Here is a list of clothes I want Marcia to buy for me!!!:

1. sleveless blue mini dress, sapphire earrings, black high heels and the necklace Eve bought me= $315.00

2. bold peach jeans, Paul Fank T-shirt, peach cardigan, designer shades, Peach flip flops= $295.00

3. pale green ball gown, emerald earrings, emerald necklace, white gloves= $1,200.00

4. Pale pink vest top, mini skirt, opaque bright pink cardigan, pink Converse trainers, colourful bangle set, camera necklace= $101.00

I know all of them are expensive but its the fashion agency that buys the clothes and my fashion agency (And Marcias!!!) has enough money to buy 25 mansions.


Just came back from shopping and got exactly what I wanted followed by a tan already starting to glow on me! Just gonna call James and send him a few pictures of me in my outfits...

OMG when I called James he had already got the pictures of my outfits and is soooo in love and now loves the fact that he can show me off to his mates. Gotta go now, bye!

Friday 23rd August

My first catwalk practice ever!!!! I'm going to be modelling with Lily Cole. She says I'm a natural and I hope shes not saying that to make me feel good, The hardest dress I done the catwalk practice in was the ball gown because it felt too itchy from where the sequins had to be sewn on. Anyway got to go its the catwalk tommorow, Bye!!!

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