Sapphires life has so far been a epic fail but when top designer Marcia Jones hosts a fashion competition. Sapphire starts to now lead a life what even she finds hard to handle, does she wish everything was back to normal?

This is my Fashion Competition entry. ENJOY!!!!


9. Back to Normal

Tuesday 26th August

Finally I'm by myself on a plane back home having a packet of Doritos with some Fanta. I've been starving for the past few days on this so- called healthy diet. How is it healthy when the fruit salad only has 1 slice of apple in with 2 slices of banana and 3 strawberries?!?! moving on everyone back home is gutted and annoyed with me, I mean what have I done wrong? Anyway when I'm bored I like to write lots of random things like you have expierenced before so here it goes: turtles sing, fairies fly high high high I'm going to LOL one fine day in the rain lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaa. Anyway I'll write to you tommorrow to find out what happens, bye!!!!!

Wednesday 27th August

Hey Diary!

Everything is starting to feel normal again. No-ones bugging me (Apart from my Maths teacher) and I can finally walk to school and back without anyone pointing at me or little girls asking their mums if I was in one of their girly magazines. James is good and didn't mind me quitting modelling and The Red Stones don't mind either but today at lunch Lizzie asked me a very big question. That question was: Now you've finished your modelling stuff, would you like to, well, become a goth? And my reply was: um, yeah. I know it sounds mental saying this but I think being a goth really does express how I feel. Now Lizzie wants me to go shopping with her to get a few gothic things sorted. I'll tell you how it went tommorrow, bye!!! ;-) Thursday 28th August Hey!!! Shopping today went brilliantly!!! I spend hundreds of pounds on clothes but that didn't matter because I earned thousands at modelling, I even got my nose pierced and a second earring done on my right ear!!! Then I got changed into some of my new clothes in the public toilets adding a bit of gothic make up on and then heading of to Starbucks!!! Though the problem is I met a boy called Charlie and he was an emo and the problem is we kinda became really really close friends and kinda, kissed. What am I going to say to James? I mean James is handsome and funny and kind, but I think I've moved on. I'm going to call James now and tell him it's over. OMG that was scary I don't want to talk about it. Now that me and James are finished with I'm going to invite Charlie round so we can get to know each other more. 9:00pm Wow. Charlie has just left and wowser he's sooo hot. I think I've found where I have belonged. There's nothing to talk about now so, Bye Bye!!!

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