The Dark Alley

A meeting in a dark alley, full of passion and questions... hope you like it ;)
There are 5 chapters.. XD


5. Vanished





"Will you accompany me to the end of this alley?"

She rose by the help of his strong arms, the night

breeze sending them askew into each other.

They smiled, reaching for the other's hand, until

they were bound by the sheer power of their flesh.

"Why the end of the alley, though?"

She let him ponder for a little more, right until

they reached the end. The walls rose high over

their heads on three sides. In the other end, the

street lights illuminated the few people and cars,

venturing out of their safe and warm beds. She

shivered but leant against the wall, his broad

chest pushing the world out of the alley.

"If you don't find me again, don't panic. I'll be here."

She patted the place on his chest, covering the

hard beating of his heart. He looked incredulously

at her, not understanding a single word.

"And ... you should also know, that ... " she bit the

bottom of her lip, letting the blood surge inside,

painting it red. He looked at her, eyes roaming

her face, sticking to her lips, not looking away.

She whispered the words, their eyes locking,

bright green eyes full of heat and love and the

blue of hers full of sadness and hopeful desire.

It didn't take them a single breath to collide, lips

crashing, mushing the air out of the space

between them, clinging, so hopefully clinging

to each other, frightened to let go and experience

the feeling of a world without colours and feelings,

and deep, deep heat and lust and desire and the

love of a beating heart, the sounds of the birds

singing, announcing the ascend of Spring, and

finally that warm and content feeling of having

done something, having shared and felt the

peak of this world with the other half of oneself.

The feelings. Oh, the feelings of this love welled

up in his heart, looking at that dark alley, not meeting

the blue eyes of his love, not finding the flash of her

teeth, the merriment in her eyes, the smile of

her cocky words. The feelings of looking at an

empty and dark alley, feeling the heat of his love

between his arms, not finding her in his embrace,

looking in bewilderment everywhere, listening

to the faded voice of her, the cocky answer, her

mouth forming the words "Maybe", her last words

of farewell. He found himself asking the dark alley,

feeling the relentless breeze pass through, touching

every single corner and particle, and stopping in

front of that high wall, the high wall where they'd last

experienced the feeling of together, the heat of love

and each other. He found himself asking, using

the very same words he'd said yesterday, waiting,

waiting for the answer, telling himself that he was

deaf not to hear them. He found himself asking,

again and again and again, starting in a low

whisper, building up to a scream of deep sorrow,

a wail of loss, working itself into a frenzy of high moans

of grief, the mourning of a mother who has lost her

child, and he found himself asking, again, now in

a low voice, so low, not even the wind could catch them,

"Are you waiting for me?" and the soundless answer

of his love, the cocky smile, the faint sound of her voice,

answering his ears, saying with bright eyes, "Maybe."


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