The Dark Alley

A meeting in a dark alley, full of passion and questions... hope you like it ;)
There are 5 chapters.. XD


3. The Universe




"Do you think this universe is infinite?"

The air took her words and magnifyed

them, making them echo in the alley.

He answered her in a low voice,

"I think this universe is what you make it.

You can let it feel so small, you can't fit

inside it. And you can make it so big,

you'll feel unnecessary."

She took his hand and brought it to her

heart, "Do you think, we can make it

fit us comfortably?" She asked, her

voice so low, he had to put his ear

to her mouth.

"We can make whatever of it."

She gave him her cocky smile, her

eyes bright in the darkness. Then

her smile faltered a bit, and the

brightness faded from her eyes.

"If only we can."

The silence between them made

bubbles and floated around them,

popping here and there whenever

and whereever they saw fit.


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