The Dark Alley

A meeting in a dark alley, full of passion and questions... hope you like it ;)
There are 5 chapters.. XD


1. Meetings in the dark




The breeze blew her mind away,

but it was okay.

As long as she could

still stand by the wall,

everything would be okay.

She let the pounding music

enter her body, moving it to

the rythm of the drums.

Her hair lifted with the wind,

and the smell of sweet roses

wafted through the impasse

and stopped by the high wall.

A few papers and undescribeable

beings raced the wind and lost.

"Are you waiting for me?"

She looked up and met the green

eyes, shining like a cat's in the dark.

"Maybe." Her eyes twinkled and her

answer was cocky and kind of daring.

The green eyes disappeared and

appeared again a few inches from her,

and something brushed against her lips.

She smiled and pushed him away.

"Don't take advantage of a harmless girl."

The green eyes shone, laughing in their

own way. "But I really wanted a kiss."

She brought his face closer and let

her breath tingle his chin, "Don't be

naughty." A woman in a window

behind him moved away, as if

she was looking at the play outside.

The girl smiled, flashing a few teeth

in the dark. She left a soft peck on

his cheek and pushed him away.

"Did you wait for long?"

The girl looked into the darkness,

as if trying to discern the shadows.

She shook her head, her hair flying

this way and that, hidden in the blackness

of the night. The young man moved closer

and leant against the wall beside her.

"I..." for the first time, the girl appeared uneasy

and her posture changed from confident

to frightened. His hand found hers and she

sagged against him, trying to regain her

composure. The words slipping out of her mouth

sounded foreign, as if she'd decided

to talk in a language no one understood.

The woman behind the curtains

moved, failing to comprehend

the meaning behind the girl's words.

The night was getting colder, making

the girl shiver in her short skirt and her

top. The young man brought her closer.

"Can't you at least pretend to miss me?"

She let her head fall against his shoulder,

deciding not to tell him the truth of her heart.

She pushed herself away, bringing her arms

around herself. She looked up at him,

only seeing his green eyes,

Could I pretend to miss him, she thought,

asking the night sky made of dark blue paint

and brilliantly shining stars. Couldn't I just

get it over with in a hurry? She asked herself,

considering her options not finding any

solution. The confusion grew around them

like smoke, thick as fog and cold as snow.

What would become of them?

She looked down at her legs shining white

in the dark and in contrast to her black skirt.

Why the clothes and confusion?

"Were you waiting for me?"

She looked at him, suddenly finding his

bright green eyes too blurry to focus on.

She shrugged and let herself fall

against the wall, pushing the world

away from her. He looked at her and

fell down beside her.

They looked at the darkness together.

What would become of them?






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