Attempts of Poetry

I've never been quite the poet, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. So here we go.


1. Four First-Attempts - Pain

Some poems I wrote in physics/chemistry. Enjoy.

1. Stuck in a shattered past.

Lost in the endless present.

Hoping for a better future.


2. Now and then I get a break.

Break down in a terrible pain.
Lose my memory for my own sake.
Lost in darkness, losing it.


3. Dancing amongst the shadows of the past.

Losing grip a last.
A shattering heart, screaming in the dark.
Finally dropping the last wards.


4. With happiness bleeding through and open wound.

And nothing left for you to lose.
Stumbling on, through the hell, called life.
With pain as your wife.
And numbness as your lover.
You go on and on forever.
As I said, I've never been the poetic kind, but hey, if you don't practice you don't learn, and I'd love to be able to write real poetry some day. Good poetry. 
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