The Triangle of Truth

Well the title says it all really. Jack has always loved Lola from a distance. But when she starts talking to him, his feelings kick in majorly. And when she doesn't want to live anymore, he spends all night telling her what to live for. Until, she tells him something he's always wanted to hear her to say. But, when he has to dump her, she's broken. Unlike him, he moves on within just a few weeks.


2. Lola: A Law Against Nature

I know life is rough, and we all have to suffer once in a while. To get where we want to be, but. I can't bare through this anymore, it's just a waste of time. I know, people have it worst than me, but still. Why live through something bad, to get to something not worth the wait. My point exactly. I got in from school that day, crying my eyes out. I've had enough of people's insults, they just break me. I know I should stand tall, and ignore their insults. But. I've had this my whole life, I just don't understand why me. I looked into the mirror, seeing my reflection confused me even more so. I looked like a law against nature, three elements combined. My hair, like a dying red flame. My eyes, like the waves crashing and destroying the sandy beaches. And my skin, colourness like snow. And fading like all memories of me will. Suicide is the end of life, I know. But why waste what little oxygen I breathe. When someone else can be breathing it in, and using it for good. I'm using it for nothing, just wasing it. And what do we do with waste? Throw it away. So I might as well throw myself away, save other people the trouble. Though, they would love the pleasure of ending my meaningless life....

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