The Story of a Girl

Fourteen year old Nelly Mikkelsen decides to try out for X Factor, the year is 2010. You follow her through her time there and maybe even later (is that considered a spolier?), you get to know her better and you may even start rooting for the girl.
There are time-skips in the story.
This story will NOT be continued.


1. Introduction

The Story of a Girl


  The angelic voice still rang through the room, the four judges sat, stunned, by the amazing performance. Yet, something was unclear, was she too young? It might be too rough on a fourteen year old girl to start a career of singing. The girl looked at the judges, her greenish eyes magnified by the dark purple glasses, they were full of expectations. Her rabbit teeth were bared in a hopeful smile, and her short mousy brown hair tied in a hurried ponytail that was already going loose. Her slightly chubby faced showed many signs of pimples, they were neatly concealed by some foundation, though. The judges exchanged glances, they had come to a silent agreement, only from the looks in each other’s eyes had they known; “This girl will make it.”    

   The young girl was standing in front row because of her height, only 1.61. Her face was red with nervousness and she kept on shifting her weight from foot to foot, listening intently to the judges, she was especially fond of Simon, even though she had thought he was such a jerk from all the episodes of American Idol and X Factor she had watched. Now, she thought differently of him, he was nice, and trustworthy.  

  She looked at the other contestants, they looked as nervous as she felt. Am I sweating too much, is my face too red, do I look like a total idiot up here? Her mind was filled with such questions, but her attention was constantly turned towards Simon’s voice, he was the one announcing who had moved on to the Judges’ Houses.  

  C’mon, call out my name! It’s just a simple N-E-L-L-Y! She thought to herself, shifting her weight to the other foot yet again. Please, please, please let me make it to the Judges’ Houses! I have to! She pleaded in her mind. She realised she was biting her lower lip like she always did when she was nervous or really wishing for something to happen. Then her attention went back to Simon.  

   “And to the rest of you, I wish you a happy time from now on, and I hope that you will continue signing for the rest of your life, ‘cause you do have talent.” He said to the rest of the people standing on stage. His words struck her and she understood. Her name had not been called, she had not moved on. She was out of X Factor!     

  Oh my god… I didn’t make it! I didn’t make it! She was panicking inside, trying to figure out if she should just go pack, or if there had been some mistake and she was still in X Factor. No, they never make any mistakes… And now she battled herself not to cry and not to fall on her knees, bawling her eyes out.  

  She sneaked a last glance at the others whose names had not been called either, and to her surprise, the guy who had sung Cry Me a River. L- Something Payne, I think… He was really good, why didn’t he make it through? She furrowed her brows at herself, she was probably supposed to be out of her mind, and yet she was worried about someone else? I’m crazy. Was the only decision she could make out of it.  

  “Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Nelly Mikkelsen, you six stay here for now.” Simon’s voice almost did not reach her, but when she realised that her name had been mentioned, her interest soon turned back to the four judges. Why did they want me to stay behind, and who were those other people? The Payne guy was mentioned too, wasn’t he? I think so… and four others… Why do they want us to stay? Are we getting a second chance?! Her mind was running in circles, leading her to the same conclusion each time, yet she did not truly accept it. It couldn’t be… She glanced at the five relatively tall guys standing on her left. She felt very small next to them, puny, silly, not-supposed-to-be-here, she started shifting her weight from foot to foot again, her concentration on the judges even though she was actually staring half at her feet, half at them.  

  “We’ve decided to make the six of you a group, you may find it weird that we made a girl group and ‘boy’ group and she’s in yours, but that’s where she’ll have the best chance at expanding her skills further.” And again Simon’s voice left her completely rendered. I’m in a group? I made it? Corrected, ‘we’ made it! She let out a squeal, jumping up and down, not sure where to put herself at all when one of the boys lifted her up and soon all six of them were in one big huddle, her in the middle of the mess.


   Nelly placed the tiny suitcase of hers on the small bed. She peered around the room, as the only one in the group, she had gotten a desk and a wardrobe for herself, the others had to share one room and one wardrobe, but it was a walk-in wardrobe, but the best thing might be the fact she had her own, private bathroom. She opened her teddy patterned suitcase only to find the most necessary stuff in there; it was not the big show of multiple pants, shirts, dresses, shoes and whatnot. Only two toothbrushes (a spare one, of course), toothpaste, in- and outdoor shoes, PJ’s, three packs of underwear, three bra’s (matching the underwear), and some must-have items (clothes, too) of hers, including her old teddy bear, Ms Wiley.                                                                                                                                                                     

  She smiled at the simple contents and started unpacking, she had barely gotten out her ‘hot ass’ pants when the guys burst in, Louis had, apparently, cracked a pretty funny joke, Niall had, obviously, farted and Harry’s curls had been ruffled quite a lot, and as usual, Zayn and Liam has just been there, silently participating, as always. I’m beginning to feel that I’m the most grown-up person in this group lately. And I’m the youngest! She shook her head at them, but laughed when Louis had told her the joke, as it was, really, really funny.  

  The first day in the X Factor house was a day to relax, explore, and get to know each other. Nelly had already grown quite fond of Mary, as she reminded her of a mother. But she had yet to get to know the other participants, as she was the youngest and most inexperienced of them all. The nagging feeling of being left out, alone and weird kept bothering her. This isn’t like school, not the slightest! They’re grown-ups, they’re not gonna be mean to me, it’s not in their nature! She reassured herself. The boys sneaked up on her from behind as she was walking down to the kitchen. ‘A good snack never goes wrong with me!’ As she always said.  

  “Hello, little confused maiden of the X Factor house!” Louis’ voice came from behind, and it was closely followed by Niall’s iconic laughter, Harry’s snicker, Liam’s chuckle and Zayn’s husky giggle, five things she had to get used to the next, hopefully, ten –or so- weeks.  

  “Hi you guys.” She nodded at them without even looking, continuing towards the kitchen in a steady phase. She heard Louis snap his fingers at her reaction, and she could almost see Niall pouting too. Seems like I’m the one who got them! She chuckled to herself, a wide smirk on her face. The smile was quickly replaced by a frown when she saw Aiden standing in front of the fridge; she had never really liked him, even though he did seem like a very nice fella. She glanced around the large kitchen, quickly spotting Zoe at the far end. Picking up her phase, she strutted cheerfully towards the middle-aged woman.  

   “Hello Zoe!” She nodded, tipping her glasses politely (a habit of hers) “- could you, perhaps, make me a sandwich? I’m really, really, reaallyy hungry.” She drew out the ‘really’ to make it more cuteish.  

  “Of course I can, it’ll just be a moment.” Zoe giggled back at Nelly.   Nelly quickly sat herself on the other side of the table, resting her head in her right hand, carefully inspecting every move Zoe made. But it was not long before her private space was yet again invaded by the boys. Niall placed himself next to her.  

  “What’s up? Getting a midday snack?” He asked with his usual cheerful smile, and even though they were only two years apart, she couldn’t help but feel a little awkward and childish next to him. Why’s he being so nice? I’m obviously not interested in their company… She thought at him as she nodded and he gave her white-toothed celebrity smile in return. … And then again. She smiled nervously at him and turned back to watching Zoe.  

  “Here you go-“Zoe handed her the delicious looking sandwich. “- made with love.” The middle-aged woman smiled at her before walking back to the other ladies. Nelly felt her stomach rumble as she looked at the salad sandwich with loads of tomatoes, onions and salad dressing. She nodded at it before gratefully eating it.  

  “You sure were getting hungry.” Niall laughed at her. She sent him a small smile, her mouth full of food. The four others from the group casually walked over to her and Niall.  

  “So this is why you were so busy with walking downstairs, eh?” Louis chatted at her.   “Obviously!” Liam joined in.   “Why else would she walk down those stairs so fast?” Zayn giggled.  

  “Dunno? Enlighten me Wayne.” Harry grinned at the Bradford boy.   

   So, that was my nice and quiet dinner time… She added silently, not getting up to leave, but just sitting there. The five boys quickly got a conversation going, joking and laughing at each other, and weirdly enough, Nelly had no problem with that, she actually added a comment on a joke now and then, making the other crack up even more. Soon she was pretty active in the chat herself, laughing, joking and making stupid motions and expressions.


  These guys aren’t so bad after all. She thought to herself with a small smile lightening up her face as she undressed, ready to get to bed. They were actually pretty funny, and not in that dumb way. It’ll be easy to get along with them. She nodded knowingly at the last comment and climbed in underneath her flower patterned blanket, rolling over onto her stomach, hugging the huge feather pillow as she fell asleep a last thought occurred. What if they discover what a geek I am?

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