The Story of a Girl

Fourteen year old Nelly Mikkelsen decides to try out for X Factor, the year is 2010. You follow her through her time there and maybe even later (is that considered a spolier?), you get to know her better and you may even start rooting for the girl.
There are time-skips in the story.
This story will NOT be continued.


4. Chapter Three

  She woke up with a shock; another car had honked at them, causing her to wake. Her dream had been quite odd; it was about her and Niall sitting in some park, probably Hyde Park. She shook her head and peered out the window, then furrowed her brows, they were at Nandos and she could see the boys inside. She hurriedly unbuckled her seatbelt and zipped up her jacket, checking to see if the door was locked, it wasn’t, she peered to each side and skipped over the road and strolled over to them.  

  “You could’ve woken me up, y’know…” She said while rubbing her left eye, letting a tiny yawn escape her lips.  

  “That wouldn’t have been any fun.” Louis smirked and took another bite of his Nando’s Hot Chicken.  

  “Agreed, agreed!” Niall and Liam laughed together. Zayn gallantly pulled out a chair for her.  

  “We ordered some Medium Spicy Chicken for you.” A celebrity smile from him and Harry later she sat down, picked up fork and knife and started eating, her stomach rumbling appreciatively at the food.  

  “Tanks.” She smiled at them and winked at Niall, making it quite obvious it was directed at him, he was the only one who knew she liked it medium spicy, not hot or without any spice at all. Niall gave her a nod and a smile showing most of his ‘gleaming’ white teeth.  

  “No problem.” He grinned at her but quickly turned his attention back to Louis, who was currently telling the ‘fungi’ joke. All six of them broke out in laughter, Niall going into one of his now infamous fits, even Zayn and Liam cracking up, laughing hysterically. Nelly shook her head at them, a broad smile on her lips though. She flipped open her phone, deciding now would be a good time to text Clara:                                                                                                                             ‘Ohai, what’s going on Clara girl?’                                                                                                                                                   ‘Nothing much really, you?’                                                                                                                                                                     ‘I’m chilling at Nandos with all five of them; they’re really, really loud!'                                                                                        ‘Cool ‘nuff, you must be getting a headache by now.’                                                                                                                   ‘Nah, I’ve started to wear ear buds xD’                                                                                                                                               ‘Lol’                                                                                                                                                                                                              ‘Do you want to go to a café this Saturday? I have the day off.’                                                                                                        ‘Yeah, sure, it’d be great!  It’s just the two of us, right?’                                                                                                                  ‘Yep, just you, me and some hot chocolate and nachos.’                                                                                                                    ‘I can’t wait! <3’  

  “Who are you texting? Some boyfriend we have yet to hear of?” Niall smirked at her, lifting his eyebrows suggestively. The other boys quickly lost interest of what they were doing before and turned their full attention to her.  

  “No, it’s my best friend Clara.” She said, crossing her arms and turning her head away, eyes closed.  

  “Aha! Lying just so we won’t be all protective and stuff, I see right through you Nelly-Jelly” Louis said demonstratively, standing up, hands on his hips and a playful glint in his eye.  

  “Am not, it really is Clara. Besides, it’s going to be a girl’s only day, just me and her in some café getting hot chocolate and snacking on nachos.” She smiled at the thought of it and closed her phone, this time not bothering to check the clock.  

  “Sure, sure if you say so little Nelly-Jelly.” Harry waved her off with a swipe of hand, looking extremely amused by the situation. Liam moved up behind her chair and hugged her with one arm, dragging Zayn into the hug with his right arm and Niall in with his left, Louis automatically joined them by hugging Liam and Niall.  

  “All we need is one big group hug!” Liam chanted cheerfully. He really is the ‘father’ of the group. Nelly thought as a giant smile spread on her face as she’s squeezed in between all the boys.  

  “I can’t… breathe..!” She coughed, struggling out of the group hug by sliding down from her chair, underneath the table and crawling out from the other side of the table. She got up on her feet and chuckled at the guys who were no staring in disbelief at her, they looked outrageous.  

  “How could you?” Louis stared at her, faking a hurt expression. She shrugged him off and bended over, coughing slightly.  

  “Are you alright, Nelly?” Niall tilted his head, his blue-green eyes with a worried look in them.  

  “I’m fine; it’s nothing Halls can’t fix.” She opened her Halls bag, searching for one of the green ones, putting it in her mouth.  

  “It’d really suck if you caught a cold, there’s only three days to our performance!” Zayn said, looking nervous, worried and happy at the same time. Is it really possible to experience that many emotions at the same time? She tilted her head, shook it and then strolled casually over to her crowded seat.  

  “Now, give me some space, or I won’t get healthy any time soon.” She chanted, returning to eat her now slightly cold chicken. Niall sat down too, moving his chair closer to Nelly, their arms almost touching. She couldn’t help but blush a little, shifting a little in her seat. The rest of the meal out at Nandos their conversation quickly changed to boobies and from that to soccer, a new subject being pulled out at least every two minutes. By the time they left it had at least been two hours, maybe two and a half.  

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