The Story of a Girl

Fourteen year old Nelly Mikkelsen decides to try out for X Factor, the year is 2010. You follow her through her time there and maybe even later (is that considered a spolier?), you get to know her better and you may even start rooting for the girl.
There are time-skips in the story.
This story will NOT be continued.


2. Chapter One

  “Get up already!” A voice she had come to hate these past four weeks woke her up from her slumber. She groaned and rolled over to bury her face in the pillow.  

  “Wakey, wakey, it’s not like the day’s gonna pause just for you.” She groaned again and protested in small ‘hnnnn’ and ‘naw’ sounds.  

  “Jush won moh minutesh…” She mumbled into her pillow before rolling over onto her left side. Someone pulled the blanket off of her, probably Liam, and she hugged her pillow to her chest, going into a sort of foetal position.  

  “All right already!” A short eye-rub and yawn later she grabbed her glasses, put them on and tied her hair in a rushed ponytail.  

  “Nelly, you can’t sleep forever!” Niall’s voice rang from the next room.  

  “I know, I know! I’m getting up now…” She mumbled angrily as she pushed Liam and Louis out of her room.  

  “Get out of my room, right this moment, or I’ll get my new Celine Dion perfume and spray you!” She barked at them and shut the door, locking it too, before taking off her blue PJ’s and dragging her feet towards the bathroom. It only got to be a short shower before she had to get ready for rehearsals; they were going to sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ this week, and she was really struggling with her lines, they had to go from high-pitched to really low every time. She struggled into her way too small clothes (she had gotten them from some known cloth designer for free) and unlocked her door, peering into the boys’ untidy and quite disgusting room and then back at her own tidy, clean and girly room. Thank god that I’m not sharing a room with them, it’d be a disaster. She ran out in the corridor, hopped down the stairs and waltzed into the kitchen, placing herself on her usual high-back chair, waiting patiently for Zoe (they had agreed Zoe would prepare her breakfast) to finish.  

  “Here you go darling, a healthy breakfast for you.” Zoe chatted at her.  

  “Thaaaanks Zoe, you’re the best.” Nelly smiled at Zoe and grabbed her salad bowl and a fork. She walked slowly towards the boys, Zayn was missing, obviously, he was really bad at getting up early and it took him at least half an hour to get up every morning.  

  “Morning guys, had a good nights’ sleep?” She asked with a mouth full of tasty and fat-free salad. The boys answered at the same time, and it was perfectly timed the way Zayn trudged over to them and yawned loudly.  

  “Mornen’…” He mumbled and grabbed one of Niall’s eggs with Nelly’s fork.  

  “Morning!” They answered in harmony. And Nelly snatched her fork back from him, snarling playfully at him. Niall grumbled something about ‘Zayn needed to get up earlier’ and ‘don’cha steal my breakfast’. She gulped down the last few bits left, washed off the bowl, placed it in the high-tech dishwasher, the fork too, and got back into her room. She didn’t shut the door behind her, actually wanting the boys to disturb her when she did her math homework. Homework sucks; I wonder why it was even invented? Was it made deliberately to annoy people, or was it unintentional? She grumbled on about homework questions for a while before finally beginning on them, she realised she actually had to do some English too. She sighed, grumbled, rolled her eyes, and then took them out of her bag too. I’ll be finished in no time, I’m good at this! She clenched her hand into a fist, got into a victory pose and quickly finished off the grammar questions.  

  “Vas happening’?!” Zayn popped into the door frame, closely followed by Niall and Liam.  

  “Homework, obviously!” Niall jabbed at him.  

  “That’s no fun, who’d want to do homework on X Factor?” Liam asked stupidly. She rolled her eyes at them, but decided she could just answer; they would get out faster that way. Done quickly? As if.   

  “Yeah, I’m supposed to learn too, since I’m still in school. Math is the worst subject ever, English I can live with.” She nodded at them, and they gave her approving nods too. It’s nice when we agree. She thought and tried to focus on the math AND English at the same time.  

  “That’s wrong; it’s supposed to be like this.” Liam pointed out one of the faults on her answer sheet.   “Ah, right…” She nodded at him and quickly corrected it.  

  “And I thought you’d be such a geek at this!” Niall laughed at her and she stuck out her tongue at him. Zayn chuckled weirdly and placed himself on her desk, right on top of her books and her English homework.  

  “When do you reckon you’ll finish?” He asked politely. Nelly glanced up at him, down at her answer sheet and then at Liam and Niall who were both sitting on her bed, watching something on Liam’s iPod Touch.  

  “Now?” She shut her math book, crumbled up the answer sheet and threw it at Zayn. He chuckled and got up, striding over to her wardrobe, shifting through the many layers of shirts, pants and the few dresses.  

  “Hey! Those are mine-“She snatched her bra from him, sticking out her tongue at his cheeky smile “- it’s not like I go looking through your underwear.” She threw a playful punch at him, and he avoided it dramatically. Louis jumped in just then.  

  “Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on in here?-” He placed his hands on his hips, looking angry. “- I may just have to report you to Mary!”  

  “Oh really?” Zayn started at him, Liam and Niall quickly swooping up behind him, looking all shocked. Sometimes she forgot they were actually older than she was, and Louis, the silliest one of them all, was the oldest one. It’s unbelievable.   “Shame on you two, fighting over a bra!” Louis had that dramatic ring in his voice he usually has when he’s making fun of stuff.  

  “Oh yeah?-“Nelly let go of the bra and took a step closer to him. “- it’s not us who mess up our whole room in mere hours, shame on you!” She barely got to act mean and vicious before Harry tackled her, lifting her up and hugging her waist.  

  “Wah! Put me down, put me down, put me doooown!” She clung onto him, afraid to fall as he swung her around in the room.  

  “No, why would I? This is so much fun!” He laughed and swung her around a few more times while the others laughed at them, and even Louis joined in, lifted her onto his shoulders and waltzed around in her room.  

  “Beware, the Queen of X Factor! Look at her and be amazed.” He smiled broadly at the others who were cracking up, Nelly was just crouched over his head, trying to keep in the laughter and trying to avoid mentioning the fact that she was actually afraid of heights.  

  “Please, put me down!” She giggled as she said it, but she was already starting to feel dizzy. Put me down already! This is scary! Louis finally put her down, petting her head. She let out a sigh of relief as her feet touched the floor. A thought occurred to her. What time is it? She rushed to her phone, switched screen to the huge flipping clock (her favourite background) and gasped.  

  “What’s up, Nelly-Jelly?” Louis tilted his head at her.  

  “It’s almost ten o’clock! And we were supposed to be downstairs, ready to go, five minutes ago!” Nelly rummaged through her stuff and took out the Halls (for her sore throat), put one in her mouth and half yelled, half groaned at them “- we’ll be yelled at, maybe even get some sort of consequence!” She ran out, hurried down the stairs, closely followed by Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis. She was already starting her apology, mentally. Practically throwing on her brand new boots and her old weatherworn brown jacket, the boys doing the same with their coats and shoes, only Liam had boots (some huge brown ones) the only thought in her head was ‘late’. We’re so in trouble.   

  “We’re so late, so very late! It only speaks trouble…” Nelly mumbled as she opened the door, rushed out only to find the driver leaning against the car, tapping his watch angrily.  

  “This is the last time, missy.” He was his usual grumpy self, and his voice sounded like someone older than the whole group put together, even though he was barely forty-five (she had asked Mary).  

  “I promise this was the last time!” He gave her a mean look. “- Corrected, we promise that this was the very last time.” He gave her a measured nod and gestured for them to get into the car.  

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