The Story of a Girl

Fourteen year old Nelly Mikkelsen decides to try out for X Factor, the year is 2010. You follow her through her time there and maybe even later (is that considered a spolier?), you get to know her better and you may even start rooting for the girl.
There are time-skips in the story.
This story will NOT be continued.


5. Chapter Four

  The drive back to the X Factor house actually didn’t seem that long, they were joking around in the car, having lots of fun. There wasn’t a moment where they didn’t smile. Around a mile or two from the house, Niall leaned towards Nelly.  

  “So you really don’t have a boyfriend?” He whispered discretely, a small frown on his face, despite him being overly cheerful most of the time.  

  “Nope, no boyfriend.” She shrugged at him, a skew smile on her lips. At this his frown immediately turned downside up (noticed that reverse thinking?).  

  “Cool!” He bared his teeth in another of his beautiful smiles and it felt like her heart skipped a beat. What was that? She tried to lay a hand over her heart without any of the boys noticing it; unfortunately Liam had turned around at the same time.  

  “Vas happening?” He smirked at her and did his usual hair flick. Zayn-like, Bieber-like and himself-like at the same time, tell me, is he experiencing something life-changing at the moment? The others laughed at some joke she hadn’t heard and Liam not wanting to be left out, she guessed, laughed along. She did an overacted eye-roll and shifted her position so she could look out of the window without seeing Niall sit close to her. I’ve gotten overly conscious of him lately, haven’t I? She shrugged off the thought and looked at the nice, big, house approaching them. She unbuckled the seatbelt, checked her phone (5:32), no texts, and opened the door as soon as the car slowed to a halt.  

  “Next time you’re late; I won’t bother waiting for you.” He warned them, raising his forefinger at them. They all, Nelly included, mumbled a low ‘yea, yea’ to him and got out as fast as possible.  

  “Damn, he just gets crankier and crankier each day!” Harry mumbled to Louis, who immediately did a funny impression of their driver. She smirked at it, even though she didn’t hear all of it.  

  “Right, guys, I have to do the rest of my homework, so if you would be so kind, pleeease don’t disturb me, or I’ll never get it done.” She opened the door from behind, pulled off her boots and unzipped her jacket, hanging it on the coatrack. Louis swung an arm around her shoulders, doing his usual sarcastic voice:  

  “If you say so, little lost princess of the X Factor house.” He nodded knowledgeably at his own words and took off all of his winter-wear too. And before any of them could come up with any more comments she hurried up the stairs, through the boys’ room and into her own, she didn’t even take her time to grumble over how messy they were, just focused on getting the homework done.  

  “Math is no biggie.” She told reassuringly, nodded, rolled her eyes, and quickly crossed off two questions, not bothering to write down how she did them, only writing the answers. Seven down, five to go! She encouraged herself, striking another victory pose before tipping down her glasses so she didn’t have to bend over all the time. She quickly crossed off the next four of them, grumbling over the fifth before realising her calculator was right next to her left hand. She rolled her eyes over her own stupidity and quickly typed in the ‘puzzle’. Was it just that? She looked at the solution, then at what she had gotten it to, nodded and then decided: So what if it’s wrong? It doesn’t really matter.

  She placed the answer sheet on the page, shut the book and stretched her arms. She flipped open her phone yet again to check the clock (6:45). She got up, stretched her legs a bit then decided she could just go downstairs. She paused in the door frame to look at the boys’ messy room, but hey, five guys in one room just spelled disaster. Maybe I should help them clean up? She quickly pushed the thought aside, just imagining what she could find underneath those layers of cloth send ice-cold shivers down her spine. No, I’d rather just talk them into cleaning it up on their own. She stepped well planned out of the room, not wanting to discover something disgusting (like ten-day old food) by stepping on it. As she was about to open the door to the hallway Niall stood right before her, looking as shocked as she felt.  

  “Hullo, was’ going on?” He looked at the way she was standing on tip-toes and then directly into her eyes. She felt her face heat up immediately.  

  “It’s just… I… Your room is really messy, and it’s starting to get on my nerves.” Being honest is the best way for this to happen. He chuckled at her and nodded, hope fully in agreement.  

  “Sure is. To be quite frank, I’m starting to wonder if there even was a floor to begin with.” He chuckled and she couldn’t help but feel totally lightened up by it, her heart beating fast, practically fluttering. She looked down at her feet, sensing her face had become a clear red shade by now.  

  “I’m glad I’m not the only one…” She glanced up at him, then quickly down at her feet again.  

  “Anyhow, I only came up here to get a change of shirt, Louis spilled cola on me.” He pointed at the giant wet spot on his shirt that had, luckily, not wet his pants even the slightest bit. “- You can wait for me out here, then we can break the news about cleaning up our room to them together, sound good?” He added with a smile.  

  “Sounds great.” She smiled up at him through downcast eyes. He gave her another heart-warming, beat-skipping, fluttering and beautiful celebrity smile that made her blush again.  

  “Right, I’ll just go change shirts, then.” He edged past her. Can he hear how loud my heart is beating? She unconsciously laid her left hand over where her heart should be and stepped out in the hallway, leaned up against the wall and tried to calm down her heart. It’s just Niall! You’ve never reacted to him this way before!                                          But you’ve never really seen him as a man before either, have you?                                                                                          She shook her head at the small voice that had answered her; making her rushed ponytail come undone. She cursed at it under her breath and quickly gathered it into another, tighter, ponytail. Niall emerged from the room, now wearing the superman t-shirt (he wore a plain white one before).  

  “Let’s go, Nells.” Nells? Nelly tilted her head and remembered he had seen the text where Clara had called her Nells. And again her heart skipped a beat. This is getting a little annoying. Niall turned and gave her the sweetest smile in the world. And then again… She thought as her heart fluttered wildly against her ribs.  

  “M’hm.” She said, not able to put together a coherent sentence. The two of them walked downstairs in a slow phase in silence, but not one of those awkward and uncomfortable ones, it was a nice silence (weirdly enough). She glanced at him multiple times, looking away each time he turned his head to glance at her. It, unfortunately, didn’t take so long to reach the guys who were casually chilling on the couches, talking, joking and laughing as usual.  

  “Yo guys, unfortunately, Nells and I have some news to break to you, and really, you need to understand the gravity of them.” Niall nodded seriously, then looked at Nelly as if to tell her; ‘The stage is yours.’  

  “R-right… Well, I’m starting to feel really uncomfortable walking through your room, seeing as it’s overly messy. So I’d like to request that you clean it up soon, before it starts to grow fur and get a brain or something.” Louis and Harry snickered, she knew they didn’t mean anything by it, and Liam and Zayn nodded, Liam shuddered a few seconds later, obviously getting quite the ugly picture in his mind.  

  “We’ll go clean up in just a minute.” Harry reassured her with a smile. Now I really feel like the fourteen year old that I am. Niall gestured at seat beside him on the couch after sitting down beside Liam who was playing Pokémon on his Nintendo. She obeyed, her face reddening yet again. Our knees are touching, our knees are touching. Our knees are TOUCHING! She thought loudly in her mind, overly conscious of Niall and herself. The insecurity about it quickly vanished as they started joking and chatting again (the guys, except Niall, had forgotten everything about cleaning the room). Nelly kept staring at Niall’s face, noticing every little detail of his perfect features, it wasn’t long before he reminded the others about cleaning the room and all six (including Nelly, yes) of them left for the 1D room.  

  Cleaning was a really hassle, there was at least five baskets of laundry on the floor, another two filled with underwear, shirts and sweatbands there were lying around the room and bathroom. They finally had a clear view of the grey carpet and the white bunk beds.  

  “That wasn’t so difficult, now was it?” Nelly asked cheerfully, happy that she didn’t have to furrow her brows at the boys’ room every morning now. The boys shook their heads, looking a little exhausted, yet relieved.  

  “Well, since I’m not hungry, I’m going to bed now, can’t waste even a moment of rest.” She smiled and waved at the five of them, retreating into her own little sanctuary. She quickly got out of her tight clothes, into her blue, soft PJ’s. She pulled out the hairband and ruffled her hair, taking off her glasses and climbing underneath her soft blanket and burying her face in her pillow. Do I like Niall? The thought just popped into her head and she started wondering, her mind going in circles, dead ends, hoops and whatnot.

  She rolled over onto her left side so she could look into the wall instead of the small room filled with shadowy details. No, you don’t like him. The small voice from earlier said. Then how come I’m acting like this, oh wise one?                     You love him. Nelly twitched, her face heated and she closed her eyes shut. No I don’t! He’s like a brother to me, right? Oh really? You may not love him completely right now, but you definitely like him more than you’d like a brother.

  She had come to hate the small voice in that short time, but still she found she couldn’t disagree with it completely, there was some small spark inside of her, filling her with warmth every time she recalled the small, seemingly insignificant moments where Niall had smiled at her. Maybe I do love him? She thought about it a little more. I hope I do… Was the last thing that occurred to her before she fell into a deep slumber where she dreamt of Niall holding her tight, whispering loving and sweet words to her.  

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