Candy floss of death

I wrote this in Year 7 so it might be a bit rough, but it was one of my best pieces, even though it is quite short, hope you enjoy!


1. The Volcano explosion

It loomed in front of us, a grey – black mist of ash. It was like someone had hung a dirty sheet in front of the helicopter. Trying to catch us and hold us captive. Down below on the ground, there was the broken mirror of dried out mud. There was no escaping it. All we could do was go forward.

As we got closer, we could see the blood red lava dripping down the volcano like paint dripping down the side of a paint can. Then we hit the wall of smog. It enveloped us in an orb of smoke. You’re probably wondering why we didn’t go in a car. There are two main reasons why ✐ There was lava all over the floor near the volcano, and that was the only road to the village we needed to go to. ✐ Also, the road was too dry for our car to get over. Another long story. The jeep was booked to go on a different journey. We had the option of a Reliant Robin or a pink helicopter. We chose the helicopter.

Our pilot couldn’t see anything. He was literally flying blind. Our hot – pink flying machine was like a rose in the middle of a field of stinging nettles. All around us was the darkness of the candyfloss of death. It held a subtle gloom, which made us all feel like we were all alone… Never leaving the cloud… Forever in silence…

Suddenly we were out of the endless sea of grey. The light blinded me even though the sun was hidden somewhere behind the terrifying cloud. The sound of screaming children came piercing through the once silent air. And the smell of burnt toast wafted through the open window. Everyone covered up their noses to try and block out the smell. It didn’t work.

We decided to land in a deserted field near the main hall. Our job was to make sure everyone was safe and give out emergency supplies to anyone who needed them. As we got there we could see what they were so scared of. It was the deep red lava. The molten rock was rushing towards them like a tsunami…ready to gulp up anyone who got too close.

We were gob – smacked. How could we not see the tidal wave of death rush towards a whole village? We were in trouble to. The fluorescent helicopter was slow at starting and only held twenty people. On the sign in front of the small town it said that eighty-seven people populated it. There wasn’t enough time to call for back up. We were all dead meat. No one could do anything. All we could do was wait. Wait for the split second of excruciating pain… Wait for the end of all our lives… Wait for nothing… …

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